Angeline Kasipo
EmployerKwekwe Town Council
OrganizationMDC Alliance
Known forBeing the first female Mayor for Kwekwe Town Council
PredecessorMatenda Madzoke

Angeline Kasipo is a politician, Councillor for Ward 10 and the Mayor of Kwekwe. She became the first female mayor of Kwekwe on the 4th of September 2018.[1]


Angeline has always been passionate about human rights and social justice. She is a social worker by training, so equality, justice and human rights are her areas of concern. So about how she found herself in council, when she was in the United Kingdom and saw how the country was highly populated, but they manage to keep their towns extremely clean, they manage to provide basic services to their people, millions of people but they still manage. When she came back home, she found that there is no water, people go for weeks with no running water, yet there are so few of us — so she asked why can’t we manage to provide for so few a people? So in the first days she would engage council and demand answers, until she decided to get in and get it done by herself.


At the time of her appointment as the Kwekwe Mayor she was the chairperson of the National Council of Social Workers of Zimbabwe and it was her third year at the helm. She resigned from that position so that she concentrates on her new challenge. She also runs her own business and she thinks she is not doing badly. She has a staff compliment of about 12 and she is effectively running the business in this difficult economic situation.[2]

Statement after inauguration

After being inaugurated Kasipo said:

I feel humbled by the gesture and the confidence that people of Kwekwe have shown in me. I promise to repay them through servant leadership. I will be there for the people. I feel people in Kwekwe should have uninterrupted water supply. I promise to ensure that the water supply system is working right round the clock. I feel it is a bit unfair for us to say vendors should be removed from the streets when we have no alternative for them. I think it is prudent to create space for them then we move them there.


She caused a stir among the people when her picture in Zanu PF umbrella went viral.[3]

Angeline Kasipo


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