Brian Kagoro
Brian Kagoro.jpg
BornBrian Kagoro
EducationUniversity of Zimbabwe
Alma materWarwick University
  • Lawyer
Known forBeing the Founding Member of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)

Brian Tamuka Kagoro is a Zimbabwean Human Rights Activist and Constitutional Lawyer. He was instrumental in the formation of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition. He has served as a consultant for several regional organisations including the African Union Commission, The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. He is also an academic who has published a number of articles on Zimbabwean and world politics.


Kagoro holds a Bachelor of Laws, LLB (Hons) from the University of Zimbabwe and a Master of Laws - LLM, Law in Internationa Economic Relations - Constitutional Law from the University of Warwick. He was a Yale World Fellow in 2003.[1]


Kagoro practiced law as partner at Kantor and Immerman, one of the leading law firms in Zimbabwe. He was instrumental in the formation of several civil society groups, including: the National Constitutional Assembly; the NGO Human Rights Forum; Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition; and the Centre for Citizen Participation in the African Union (CCP-AU).

He is a Founding Member of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) which drafted a new constitution, designed to better articulate and protect the rights of all sectors of Zimbabwean society. He is also the Founder of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition where he served as Spokesperson and National Coordinator, respectively. Kagoro is a former student leader at the University of Zimbabwe, an Amani Trust Board Member and also Legal Advisor to the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions. He is a former Board Secretary for the Zimbabwe National Students Union and a frequent commentator on human rights, constitutional reform and political affairs.[2]

He has served on boards of both private sector and civil society groups, including; National Foods Limited, Workers Trust, Amani Trust; CCP-AU; Action Aid International Ghana; and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights. In 2002, he became the Founding Director of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and was subsequently elected chairperson of the Crisis Coalition. In 2005, Kagoro was appointed Pan-African Policy Manager for Action Aid International, an international anti-poverty development agency headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. Brian has served as a Consultant for several Regional Organizations, including the African Union Commission (AUC), NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency, and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).[1]

As A Writer

Some of his published work include the following:

  • Kagoro.B.B.(2008), Civil Society Participation in NEPAD/AU: The Dilemmas and Opportunities in NEPAD Seven Years On
  • Kagoro.B.B (2007), Chaos and Transition in Zimbabwe: Transformation or Mirage.
  • Kagoro .B.B.(2004) “Constitution-Making as Social Movement,”
  • Kagoro.B.B. (2004) Prisoners of Hope: The Opposition and Civil Society in Zimbabwe.
  • Kagoro.B.B. (2003) The Opposition and Civil Society in Zimbabwe’s Turmoil : Problems and Prospects, Institute of Security Studies
  • Kagoro. B. (2002) Reaping Apples from a Thorn Tree: The Prospects of NEPAD and the Africa Peer Review Mechanism in Resolving the Zimbabwean Crisis.[3]



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