Chaplin High School
School districtGweru

Chaplin High School is a school in Gweru. The school is close to the city center and situated next to the Catholic cathedral. it was established in October 1902 as Trinity Church School, and was exclusive to whites.

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Notable People That Attended Chaplin High School

  • Ian Smith, Prime Minister of Rhodesia from 1964 to 1979, was a student at Chaplin from 1933 to 1937 (Duthie) and head boy in 1937. He was the captain for rugby, cricket, athletics, tennis and boxing.
  • Terence Mukupe - Zanu-PF Politician

School Heads

  • 1902-09 Mr Watkinson
  • 1909-27 Mr A. Macdonald
  • 1927-41 Mr Leonard Ray Morgan (after whom Morgan High School in Harare is named)
  • 1941-46 Mr H. H. Cole
  • 1946-52 Mr A. E. Farrell
  • 1952-56 Mr H. C. Hamilton
  • 1957-64 Mr I. A. A. MacClean
  • 1965-82 Mr J. M. Alers
  • 1981-82 Mr Everett
  • 1982 Mr J. Jones (acting)
  • 1983-87 Mr E. Utete
  • 1987-88 Mr Mutubuki (acting)
  • 1988-90 Mr Muduviwa
  • 1990-94 Mr J. Magadzire
  • 1994-2013 Mr H. Magusha
  • 2013 - Current Mrs. Marufu