Charles Dzvairo
Charles Dzvairo.jpg
BornCharles Dzvairo
OrganizationZimbabwe Football Association
Known forBeing the assistant manager during Brazilian coach, Valinhos' stint
RelativesHatifare Munouyi (aunt)

Charles Dzvairo is a Zimbabwean and former Warriors assistant team manager during the time of Brazilian coach, Valinhos, coaching stint.

Lawsuit against ZIFA

ZIFA were slapped with a $34,000 lawsuit in unpaid salaries and allowances by Charles "Mafripa" Dzvairo, the former assistant manager of the Warriors during the time when Valinhos was in charge of the team. According to Dzvairo's heads of argument at the High Court, he said when he was promoted from the Under-23 soccer team to the Warriors on 14 February 2008, he assumed duties of driving Valinhos using his personal car, a Mercedes Benz E200, for his daily errands to training sessions. Dzvairo was also not paid his allowances that amounted to $34,000 despite several attempts to engage ZIFA and according to the court papers, Valinhos, was ready to be the witness in the case.[1]

Witchcraft Row

The family of Dzvairo was embroiled in a bitter dispute, amid allegations of witchcraft, which spilled into court. His wife, Emily, claimed Dzvairo's aunt bewitched him and the aunt, Hatifare Munouyi, was levelling the same accusations against Emily. Emily applied for a peace order against Hatifare at the Harare Civil Court which she was granted in her favour on 28 July 2022.[2] [3]


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