Chase Skuza
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Nicholas Chase Skuza is a Zimbabwean Musician and brother to Solomon Skuza. Chase is famous for hit songs like Banolila.


Chase is from Plumtree

Music career

Chase followed in the footsteps of his legendary brother Solomon and has produced a lot of hit songs in the process.


  • Inkunz'emnyama Okubi nokuhle · 2013
  • Iqinisoliyababa Umfundisi (Impilo) · 2012
  • Impilo Iyasetshenzelwa Umfundisi (Impilo) · 2012
  • Ngiyabakhumbula Umfundisi (Impilo) · 2012
  • Umfundisi Umfundisi (Impilo) · 2012
  • Uzabuya Yini? Umfundisi (Impilo) · 2012
  • Zonke wonke Okubi nokuhle · 2013
  • Egameni lenkosi Sebevumelene · 2011
  • Amatollgates Umfundisi (Impilo) · 2012
  • Ekhaya Sebevumelene · 2011
  • Badla ngathi Okubi nokuhle · 2013
  • Kubuhlungu Sebevumelene · 2011
  • Umakhumalo Sebevumelene · 2011
  • Emsikeni Sebevumelene · 2011
  • Umalume Sebevumelene · 2011
  • Kozekubenini Okubi nokuhle · 2013
  • Khuzwa uzwe Sebevumelene · 2011
  • Uholo ngwizane Sebevumelene · 2011
  • Imihlola entoli Okubi nokuhle · 2013
  • Ubaba umhlatshwa Okubi nokuhle · 2013


Chase Skuza Tate naMme

Chase Skuza - Izinto Azitholakale.

2015 Fraud conviction

Skhuza escaped jail after he was slapped with 280 hours of community service for fraudulently selling a residential stand, which did not belong to him.Skhuza pleaded guilty to the fraud charge when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Merylin Mutshina.The magistrate convicted and sentenced him to 24 months in jail. Eight months of the sentence were suspended for five years on condition of good behavior. Another eight months were further suspended on condition he restituted the complainant, Kenneth Chihota $2 900. The remaining eight months were suspended on condition he performed 280 hours of community service.In passing sentence, the court considered that Skhuza was a first offender, a married man with nine children to look after and had shown contrition for his act. [1]

Arrest on Stage

Skuza was arrested while performing on stage and sentenced to 231 days in prison for failing to pay $2 900 to a South-Africa based truck driver, Kenneth Chihota, he defrauded in 2015.

Ms. Adelaide Mbeure ordered Skuza (50) to serve the alternative imprisonment term saying the time was overdue and he failed to approach the court seeking an extension of time to pay. In 2015, Bulawayo magistrate Marylin Mutshina sentenced Skuza to 24 months in jail. Eight months were suspended for five years on condition that he did not commit a similar crime within that period. Another eight months were suspended on condition that the musician repaid $2 900 to Kenneth Chihota. The remaining eight months were suspended on condition that he performs 280 hours community service. [2]


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