Chavadzimu Rock Art Shelter

Chavadzimu Rock Art Shelter houses one of Zimbabwe's spectacular rock artworks

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Why Visit

This little-known rock art shelter may not be as spectacular as Chikupu Cave, but combined with a visit to the nearby Chisvingo Ruins, it makes for an interesting day excursion from Harare. For planning a trip, the suggested order would be to follow the tar through the Chinamora Communal lands to Chavadzimu rock art shelter first. The nearby Chavadzimu store offers refreshments and a parking area. Then follow the tar through Manhenga village before turning left onto the untarred Masembura Road. Within 5 kilometers reach Maravanyika Primary School and the turnoff on the right for Chisvingo Ruins. After visiting Chisvingo ruins, return to the tar road. Turn left for Bindura and the A11 to reach Harare via Mazowe, or turn right to return via the outward route for Borrowdale.

How to get here

Leave Harare on the Borrowdale Road, distances are from Borrowdale police station. 13.4 KM the road crosses a grid and enters the Chinamora Communal Lands. 16.3KM pass the signpost to Domboshawa National Monument. 26.6 KM pass the signpost to Ngomakurira National monument. 30.0 KM pass the turnoff to Chikupu rock art shelter, 28.2 KM pass Makumbe Mission turnoff, 29.5 KM turn left at the intersection staying on the tar road. 35.2 KM keep right at the intersection, 40.9 KM turn left at the intersection keeping to the tar. 48.2 KM continue to the Chavadzimu stores and turnoff for Chavadzimu rock art shelter. Park at the store and following the track which skirts the base of the gomo for 450 metres to the site which is only 30 metres from the track through thick undergrowth.