Childline Zimbabwe

Childline Zimbabwe is a child rights, not-for-profit, registered Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO 7/2001). Children (0-18years), access services in Zimbabwe regardless of religious background, socio-economic circumstances or geographic location. Childline employs a rights-based approach throughout its activities addressing sexual and gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health issues given the nature of child abuse and its prevalence in Zimbabwe. It seeks to provide children, families and those involved with children, preventative, educational, therapeutic and rehabilitation services in addition to research and advocacy.

Focus areas

Child Protection

This refers to the legally mandatory action of protecting children from violence or abuse of any kind, through reporting abusive situations and ensuring that the children in question are removed from the site of abuse and delivered into the hands of child welfare officials. This is among the first steps towards ensuring the safety of children living with abuse.

Psychosocial Support

This is one of the tools that we use as a building block to rebuild the child’s emotional and mental confidence. It is an integral part of recovery as it utilizes support from the community to ensure that stigmatization does not occur after the instances of abuse have been reported and responded to. Thus empowering children and helping them to become survivors, not victims.