Chinondidyachii Godfrey Tichafara Mararike (1961-2009) was a Zimbabwean born deregistered lawyer, writer, political analyst, and secretary-general of Davira Mhere, a group devoted to educating the Zimbabwean public about the need for land reform.


Chinondidyachii Mararike completed his Bachelor of Law degree in 1984 at the University of Zimbabwe. He completed his LLB in 1985.[1]


Chinondidyachii Mararike, was struck off the register of lawyers in 1994 for abusing trust funds and practising without a licence from the Law Society of Zimbabwe.

The Legal Disciplinary Tribunal, chaired by the then Supreme Court judge Justice Ahmed Ebrahim, also convicted Mararike of misappropriating trust funds.

Mararike issued a cheque in favour of a client that was, however, dishonoured. The LSZ instituted an inquiry into the matter, but Mararike allegedly failed to properly account for his client.

Justice Ebrahim found in favour of the LSZ’s application for Mararike to be struck off the register for five acts of misconduct. Before he was struck off, Mararike had worked for two legal firms as a professional assistant since his admittance to the bar in 1986 before then High Court judge Justice Fergus Blackie.

Five years later he started his own firm, Mararike and Partners. Mararike’s certificate of practice expired on December 31 1992, but he continued to practise without a new one and he did not submit an audit certificate and the prescribed fee in terms of LSZ by-laws.

Before his admittance to the bar, Mararike worked for the Harare City Council as a legal adviser.

In October 2007, Mararike was appointed by the then Information minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu into the Media and Information Commission (MIC) board alongside Charity Moyo, Edward Dube, Tendai Chari and Ngugi Wa Mirii.[1]


He contributed in the book Zimbabwe Will Never be a Colony Again!: Sanctions and Anti-Imperialist Struggles in Zimbabwe. His collection of articles is on Chapter 7 of the book. The chapter is titled Remarks on Imperialism and Plundering of African Resources by the West: A Posthumous Collection of Articles written by Chinondidyachii Godfrey Tichafara Mararike, BL, (Z’bwe), LLB (Z’bwe) [1961-2009][2]


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