Christine Phiri

Christine Phiri is a Zimbabwean pastor. She is a Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Chaplain.


Her parents divorced in 1991 when she was aged 12. Christine Phiri is the first of four children. Phiri's mother became a housemaid and Christine Phiri had to watch over her siblings while she was working.

When Phiri’s mother turned to prostitution, on several occasions the children had to sleep outside the house so that their mother could accommodate clients.

Five years later, the mother passed on, leaving 17-year-old Phiri as the head of the family.

Despite the difficult situation, Phiri continued with her school studies. After three sittings, Christine Phiri finally attained five Ordinary Level subjects but before she could find a career for herself, she got married to a pastor at the age of 21.[1]


Christine Phiri has a son from her first marriage.

First Marriage

After marriage, Phiri's siblings had to be taken in by other relatives. Four months after her first marriage, Phiri's husband got involved in a car accident in Harare and died.

At the time of her first husband's death, Phiri was three months pregnant.

As a widow, her in-laws accused her of bewitching her husband. The church at which her husband had been pastoring repossessed their property and Phiri was left stranded. She gave birth to her firstborn son without any preparation for his birth.[1]

Turning To Prostitution

Christine Phiri turned to prostitution to provide for the baby. She later repented and received Christ through a friend. A ZAOGA pastor helped Phiri to get assistance under the church’s wing of Widows, Singles, Mothers Conference. Phiri also acquired entrepreneurial skills.[1]

Second Marriage

Phiri met her second husband during her early days as a prison officer. Due to irreconcilable differences the couple went through a divorce.[1]


She attained five Ordinary Level subjects after three sittings.[1]


In 2003, she was recruited at the penal services as a prison officer. She later trained as a chaplain.[1] In December 2021, Christine Phiri received an award in Exemplary Servant Leadership and Outstanding Contribution to Church Development and Nation Building from the Zimbabwe Christian Ministers Association.[2]


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