Christopher Chigumba

Christopher Chigumba Snr was a Zimbabwean businessman, politician and former Zanu PF legislator for Chitungwiza South Constituency.

Personal Details

Death: From Covid-19 at a local hospital in January 2021. His death was confirmed by a family member Tafadzwa Shito who said Chigumba died at a local hospital where he had been admitted.[1]
His son Mac Christopher Chigumba Jnr was married to Priscilla Chigumba.[2]

School / Education

No information was found on his Junior or High School, or any tertiary education.


Following the resignation of Tafandwa Musekiwa, a by election was held 27–28 March 2004. The result, Zengeza returned to Parliament:



He owned Chigumba Property Holdings.[3] Chigumba was the owner of stand number 3051 St Mary’s Huruyadzo shops in Chitungwiza.[4]

Failure To Settle Council Bill

Chigumba was taken to court by Chitungwiza Municipality in 2015 after he reportedly failed to pay $12 000 in rates and levies.

Chitungwiza Municipality filed summons at the High Court in a bid to force Chigumba to pay up the amount which had been accumulated at his businesses. Chigumba was the owner of stand number 3051 St Mary’s Huruyadzo shops in Chitungwiza.

Despite demand, Chitungwiza Municipality said Chigumba refused and or neglected to pay the amount. [4]

Chitungwiza Land Dispute

In 2017 he won an eight-year-long land dispute against a housing co-operative after the High Court upheld his title to the land.

Chigumba had approached the court seeking to block Zanoremba Housing Co-operative and eight members from interfering with his housing project in Unit L Extension, Chitungwiza. He also wanted the cited co-operative members and Chitungwiza council stopped from allocating stands on the piece of land he claimed belonged to him.

The court heard testimonies from the witnesses for Chigumba on how the land in question was allocated to his company, Chigumba Property Holdings, in 2004 and how he later ceded the land to Zanoremba Housing Company.

The cited eight members of Zanoremba Housing Co-operative led by Kalisto Masango claimed they were swindled by Chigumba whom they had appointed patron of the housing project.

They further claimed that they did not know that Chigumba intended to make the housing project his personal property. However, Owen Tagu found that the land in question was allocated to Chigumba and his company and not to Zanoremba Housing Co-operative. The judge said Chigumba and his company managed to prove that they are the rightful owners of the land and granted the final interdict against Zanoremba Housing Co-op and the eight.

The court also barred Chitungwiza Council from transacting with any of the other eight respondents in the administration of Zanoremba Housing Project on the piece land. [3]

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