Christopher Munetsi-Mverechena is a Zimbabwean footballer who plays for CAPS United Football Club in the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League.

Christopher Munetsi-Mverechena
Christopher Munetsi-Mverechena, Zimbabwe soccer, Zimbabwean footballer
Image Via Digital Stadium
Born Christopher Munetsi-Mverechena
January 10, 1996
  • Footballer
Employer CAPS United Football Club



He was born on 10 January 1996.


Mverechena broke into the Makepekepe first when he was still a teenager despite stiff competition from more seasoned goalkeeprs.[1] He managed to cement his position at the club such that during the 2015 season he was a regular in the starting line up. His rise has not beeen with some challenges, in a league encounter with Harare City Football Club, he was involved in a defensive mix-up with fellow player, Carlton Munzabwa which ultimately cost them the match.[2]

Clubs Played For

National Team Caps

The talented goalminder has represented the country at Under 23 level.[3]

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