It is a state-owned daily newspaper that is published in Bulawayo under the Zimbabwe Newspapers (Zimpapers) stable.


The paper was established in October 1984 by the Argus Company of South Africa in the colonial era. It mainly reports on events and issues taking part in Matebeleland and the southern region. After independence in 1983 Tommy Sithole became its first black editor. It covers national as well as international news.

Editorial Policy

During the colonial era when it was still being run by the Smith regime, it totally ignored the views of the natives. Its policy was to support the unity and agricultural exploits of the regime. At independence when the native government took over, this did not change thus its slant on being pro-government and its news supports government policies.[1]

Willowgate Scandal

In 1989 the paper blew a major scandal known as willowgate in which government officials were buying vehicles at a discounted price and reselling them at highly inflated prices.Geoffrey Nyarota who was the editor was dismissed for the exposure which saw top government officials being found guilty by the Sandura Commission and one of them Morris Nyagumbo who committed suicide.


The 2013 Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS) ranked the paper the fifth most read daily papers in Zimbabwe.[2]


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