Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (more known by its acronym CCAP) is a Presbyterian denomination in Malawi Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The church has the biggest numbers and strength in Malawi where it was initially founded and where it is the largest Protestant denomination. It is one of the oldest modern day churches in the country.

In Zimbabwe CCAP attracts mostly Zimbabweans of Malawian origin.


CCAP's founding dates back to the 19th century when David Livingstone arrived in Malawi. Scottish Presbyterian churches established missions in Malawi with 3 missions setup namely

  • The Northen Malawi church set up by the Free Church of Scotland in 1875
  • Blantyre church set up by the Church of Scotland in 1876,
  • The Central Malawi church set up by the Cape Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa in 1889.

The CCAP name itself was adopted in 1911 when the Livingstonia and Blantyre churches agreed to merge. The Dutch Reformed church later joined the CCAP in 1926.

Other churches in Southern Rhodesia and Zambia joined in 1965 and 1985 respectively.