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The Public Service Commission together with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Public Service and Labour and the Public Service Commission announced new pay dates for civil servants for the year 2015. The trend for most government departments shifted from the traditional mid-month pay dates to month ends.

Teachers Pay Dates 2015

  1. January 27
  2. February 24
  3. March 24
  4. April 27
  5. June 29
  6. July 27
  7. August 24
  8. September 28
  9. October 26
  10. November 25
  11. December 28.

Zimbabwe National Army

  1. February 16
  2. March 13
  3. April 15
  4. May 14
  5. June 12
  6. July 13
  7. August 12
  8. September 14
  9. October 15
  10. November 13
  11. December 15
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The Rest of the Civil Servants

These include Nurses, Police, and workers from the respective government ministries.

  1. January 29
  2. February 2
  3. March 26
  4. April 28
  5. May 28
  6. June 30
  7. July 28
  8. August 27
  9. September 29
  10. October 28
  11. November 27
  12. December 29


  1. January 30
  2. February 27
  3. March 30
  4. April 30
  5. May 29 (The pay dates for the month of May were temporarily moved to June 5 in 2015)
  6. June 30
  7. July 31[1]

At this point, the Public Service Commission announced a change in dates of payment for Pensioners and split them into two groups, namely:

Pensioners Group 1

  • War veterans’ pension;
  • War veterans’ spouses and children’s pension;
  • Ex-political prisoners, detainees and restrictees’ pension;
  • Ex-political prisoners, detainees and restrictees’ and children’s pension;
  • National heroes’ spouses and children’s pension

Pensioners Group 2

Rest of pensioners will be paid two days after Group 1

  1. Month of August - September 8
  2. Month of September - October TBA
  3. Month of October - November TBA
  4. Month of November - December TBA
  5. Month of December - TBA

Reactions from Civil Servants

Civil Servants especially teachers received the development with a widespread negative feeling. They argued that the changes will inconvenience them since they were done on short notice. They also decried that they will be seriously inconvenienced especially during the December month as they would go for the Christmas holiday without their salaries.[2] There was also a sense of uncertainty and insecurity regarding the civil servants pay dates since the government had previously failed to honour its promises, for example on the December 2014 bonuses which came as late as January 2015.

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Civil Servants Bonus

In April 2015, Government decided to withhold paying annual bonuses to civil servants for the period 2015 - 2016 as a way of "creating fiscal space to stimulate full economic recovery".[3] Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa said that the suspension of bonuses was

one of the many drastic measures Government would take to create fiscal space to finance ZimAsset, the country’s five-year economic blueprint. To achieve this, Government has decided to suspend bonus payments to civil servants in 2015 and 2016 and the situation will be reviewed in 2017 in the event that we are able to build enough capacity,”[3]

Barely a month after the announcement by Chinamasa on the suspension of Bonuses for civil servants, Robert Mugabe declared the move null and void arguing that the move had not been sanctioned by parliament.[4] Chinamasa also backtracked on his earlier pronouncements pointing out that the move that he had made had not observed certain protocols and procedures. President Robert Mugabe emphasised that although things were not looking very good, it was still the role of the government to look for the money needed for the payment of civil servants bonuses.


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