Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith, Kheda
Curtis Smith aka Kheda
BornCurtis William Smith
(1983-03-15)March 15, 1983
  • Online personality
Spouse(s)Afton Dhana

Curtis Smith is a Canadian based Zimbabwean who is popularly known for having driven the 'Zvirikufaya' craze on Facebook in 2014 often posting video satire trying to connect Zimbabweans worldwide.[1]


Curtis William Smith (also known as 'Keda' and/or 'SleekyC') was born on 15 March 1983, to Claudia Boby Senekal and Michael Smith in Harare, Zimbabwe. He attended Moffat Primary School between 1989 - 1995, while proceeding to Churchill Boys High and Cranborne Boys High for his secondary education. Smith was one of the members of Spin city, the 'burnout' masters. He is married to Afton Dhana, the daughter of football legend Hamid Dhana (aka 'Muzukuru', 'Midz'), having relocated to Hamilton, Canada since February 2013.[2]

Claim to Fame

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SleekyC, his 'stage name' for burnouts, was classified as the country's leading spinner in 2012, representing Zimbabwe at regional events and having 3 years experience at the time.[3] He joined Nassin 'Goofa' Ismail and Alistair Rosen, who founded Spin City and brought 'burnouts' to Zimbabwe, where Smith took the passion sport to another level.[4]

Zvirikufaya na Keda

In June 2014 a Facebook page coined 'Zvinhu Zvirikufaya' cropped up in the newsfeeds of Zimbabweans showcasing how its nationals were enjoying life in their respective places of abode, while it is believed that the inspiration for the videos was drawn from [Philip Chiyangwa]'s showcasing of lavish living.[5]

Smith began creating videos and contributing to the page[6][7] after which he created a spin-off Facebook page: Zvirikufiya na Keda. He has since created a following of over 11,000 followers on Facebook as of 19 September 2014.

Creating his own videos for his page, Smith has opted to create videos that are humorous and witty, often having rave reviews on his posts.[8]

Personal life

At Smith's wedding his mother suffered cardiac arrest not too far from the wedding procession and died.


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