DJ Shugeta

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DJ Shugeta
DJ Tafadzwa Shugeta
BornTafadzwa Ben
Known forBeing a National FM presenter

DJ Shugeta born Tafadzwa Ben is a Zimbabwean radio personality, musician, music producer and comedian.


Real Name

DJ Shugeta's real name is Tafadzwa Ben.[1]


DJ Shugeta was born on 23 August

Battle with depression

In August 2020, DJ Shugeta posted on social media that he was going through a difficult situation, prompting many followers to conclude that he was contemplating suicide.

He revealed that he at some moments he had contemplated suicide and that despite smiling he was depressed.

Below is what he posted:

Good morning family. Sorry kune vachabatikana with this message but I think it’s time I let you all know, I’m not okay and ndaane nguva yakati rebei now ndisiri fine.

I have some serious things going on in my life right now and the sad part is I am losing it every day .Suicidal thoughts ,anxiety , all that .For a long time now I been putting on a happy mask but deep down I am emotionally and mentally exhausted….im dying . Thus I feel I just wanna get away from everyone and everything for a moment asi kana ndaabho muchandiona ndichidzoka .I need a break from my heart, my brain ,my lyf I need to go away for just a little while. But remember this isn’t a goodbye forever, I don’t know when I will be back but I hope I will be back soon rejuvenated ndave Shugeta chaiye wenyu wamunoda. Musandikanganwewo in your prayers.

Nothing in nature blooms all year and a break is sometimes what’s needed to figure everything out.


Relationship with Anna Honde

In July 2021, Anna Honde announced that she was no longer in a relationship with DJ Shugeta. Writing on Facebook she said:

It is with great sadness that i write to you guys letting you know that we are no longer together wth Tafadzwa. The reason why i decided to tell you guys is because you are my family so handidi muzozvinzwa from other people and please handizode maquestions akawanda becoz my reasons are personal. Thank you.


Shugeta went online and did a live stream where he cried uncontrollably following the breakup.



In 2018, he produced the song Denga Dzvene which featured Roki and Nicholas Zakaria.[1]


DJ Shugeta did Class yemadofo with Naiza Boom. He also worked with Kapfupi and his wife Mai Ngaa to do a number of skits.[1]

In a Facebook post in October 2020, DJ Shugeta announced that he had gone separate ways with Kapfupi. He gave the impression the separation was amicable with both teams sitting down before reaching the decision to part ways.

DJ Shugeta said he was grateful to Kapfupi for nurturing and guiding him as an artist. He wrote:

It is with great sadness that I announce my separation from Kapfupi and team due to the team’s decision ( tese zvedu tagara pasi ) and I regard this decision with the utmost gratitude.

It is never easy to say goodbye but on the same note I am eternally grateful for all the lessons I learnt, the nurturing, the guidance and the grooming I received from my brother Kapfupi in terms of art and so much more.Im forever grateful of all the great times we shared. Thank you Kapfupi and Team. Thank you all for the opportunity to learn and grow over the last year .Let the art continue. Love Always♥️

Tafadzwa Dj Shugeta Ben



On National FM, DJ Shugeta hosted the show called Sowe raMadzibaba Shugeta (MshikaShika).[1]

Quitting Power FM

In May 2023, Shugeta announced he was leaving Power FM. He joined the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) radio station in 2022. He posted on Facebook:

Dear Friends, Fans, and Family

This note serves to inform you that I am leaving Power FM. It is with heartfelt gratitude and a full heart that I say Farewell. I would like to thank my Power FM fans immensely as well as the other presenters, my fellow colleagues and bosses who welcomed me with open arms and we worked together during my tenure at the station.

It is with great sadness that i get to part with my accomplice, my right hand Comrade in arms, sahwira wangu mukuru Butterphly . She in my opinion is one of the best presenters our time. She was my senior and she selflessly showed me the ropes and she taught me a lot. We created magic in the studio and we made great memories. I am going to miss you Butterphly. If ever an opportunity arises for us to work together again, even outside radio I would love that and will not hesitate to take it up.

This is goodbye to PowerFm one of the most loved radio stations in Zimbabwe, I am so grateful for the lessons and the mentorship. I have grown as a brand , as a person and I have made so many friends and most of them who are now family through Power FM. As I seek new frontiers and expand my horizons, I put my faith in God and ndinovimba you will be seeing me or hearing from me very soon.

All my love

Tafadzwa Shugeta Ben


In 2015 DJ Shugeta received the First Pack award for best collaboration featuring Tobbie for the song Ndiri Hondo and was nominated in the Zim hop awards 2017 for best gospel track and best collaboration.[1]



Dj Shugeta ft Nyasha Timbe - Zvizive
Dj Shugeta ft Amos Mahendere ,Baba Manyeruke, Kudzi Nyakudya,A Murudzwa, Breeze
DJ Shugeta ft Roki & Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria Amen (Denga Dzvene) Official Video


Kapfupi and Dj Shugeta - Drama ratanga episode 3
Kapfupi & Anna Honde - Kushure kwangu
Kapfupi na Mai Ngaa - Kunditsikira sadza ( Zim Comedy )


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