Director Manny
Director Manny.jpg
BornEmmanuel Michael
Harare, Zimbabwe
EducationChemhanza High School
OccupationMusic and Video Director
Years active2017 to Present
OrganizationVortex Films

Emmanuel 'Director Manny' Michael is a Zimbabwean based Portuguese creative director, and he is the founder and video director of Vortex Films, a content creation company that specializes in music videos, TV shows and corporate ads.[1]


Emmanuel 'Director Manny' Michael as he is affectionately known by his fans is a Portuguese by origin but grew up in Zimbabwe with his parents in Harare. He is the third born in a family of three children.


He attended Chemhanza High School, then studied graphic designing at School of Java, then studied video post production at School of Java again.


Director Manny has been inspired by how filmmaking can tell a story and its power and potential to change the world. With the local industry, he has seen some marked development in terms of music videos and he pointed out how the industry is now moving forward in the terms of international recognition.

He started his career back in 2017 and that's when he started video production but earlier he was a graphic designer, basically he is a creative artist. His role model is a director in Atlanta who used the name AlphaMale Visuals.

Some of his work include Kariba Vibe by Coco WeAfrica; Canaan by Coco WeAfrica featuring Crooger, two of the local artists who have been hitting the airwaves for sometime now; and Need some love by Eve. Director Manny seems to be determined to help the local industry and everyone is just anxious to see his great works.[2]

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