Doc Vikela

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Doc Vikela
  • Stand-up Comedian
Known forBeing A Stand-up Comedian
Spouse(s)Nyasha Mercy Kazuru

Doc Vikela is a Zimbabwean stand-up comedian. He co-founded Simuka Comedy with Simba The Comic King.



Doc Vikela with wife Nyasha

Doc Vikela wedded his long-time partner Nyasha Mercy Kazuru at Buxton Farm in Harare on 23 February 2019. Doc Vikela met Nyasha in 2014. February 23 is the same day Doc Vikela married his wife traditionally in 2015.[1]


Doc Vikela and his wife have two daughters.[1]


Doc Vilela has a Diploma in Human Resources Management.


Having completed his Advanced Level studies in Gweru, Doc Vikela became a temporary teacher before enrolling for a Diploma in Human Resources Management. He then moved to Harare and worked for a private sector company as a salesman before being promoted to branch manager.

He went back to teaching before quitting his job in 2009 to try his hand at comedy.[2]


In 2015, Doc Vikela said he managed to buy a car because of comedy, a feat he couldn’t do while doing an office job.[2]

Simuka Comedy

Doc Vikela founded Simuka Comedy which over the years brought comedy projects like Special Class, Vakuru and PaTown. The projects are free to view on YouTube. Simuka Comedy also hosts an annual festival.[3]



Vakuru Season 1 Episode 1
Vakuru Season 2 - Episode 1 Levels, Rhibhe naFantan
Vakuru Season 2 Episode 3 "Takahwa Deem Loot"

Special Class

special class s1 ep1 the first day part 1
special class s2 ep2 the newcomer
Special Class Season 2 Episode 3 Tatoo


PaTown Season 1 Episode 1
PaTown Season 1 Episode 2
PaTown Episode 11 "Ndini Baba"


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