E-Creator Zimbabwe (Scam)

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E-creator is a company in Zimbabwe that offers to help people make money by posting fake positive reviews on e-commerce sites globally. The service it provides has been referred to as a Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes in Zimbabwe.

e-Creator Logo

In early July 2023, it was revealed that E-Creator was failing to honor withdrawal to its "employees"/investors. This was widely believed to be the beginning of the pyramid failure.[1]

Contact details

Physical Office: Joina city 10th floor Office number 15 and 16 , Harare
Office 26 ,No. 12 -14 Union Street, Kadoma.
Phone: 0775 526 792, 0785 947 794
Email: florain@e-creatoerzw.com
Instagram: e_creator_zw
Linkedin: e-creator-company
Twitter: e_creator_zw
Website: e-creatoerzw.com/web/index.html


The company's app and online presence are reportedly similar to those of a Nigerian company, Amita Ecommerce that operated on the same business model in that country before disappearing with "thousand(s)".[2]

The company was registered as a Limited company in Zimbabwe in February 2023.[3]

In April, the company ran various articles in prominent publications such as iHarare[4], ZimEye, NewsDay[5], Zim Morning Post[6] and several other smaller publications.

In May 2023 the company's Office Manager, Abraham Mutambu [3] appeared on the only TV station in Zimbabwe, ZBC's Good Morning Zimbabwe.[7]

Allegations of being a scam

In April 2023 ZimViral warned in Twitter posts that E-Creator was a scam:

There is a new Ponzi scheme in Zimbabwe called E-Creator, They are posing as a Multi-Level Marketing company but we know where this will lead.

The E-Creator ZW tells you to invest $15 to get started on their packages. Be very careful Zimbabweans.

Amita E-commerce Company which was operating in Nigeria and swindled thousands is now in Zimbabwe with a new company name E-creator, you can see the app google play store…Kindly retweet and warn all your relatives and friends, they are thieves!!!! [8]

In May 2023, Techzim warned that E-Creator was a scam in an article titled "E-creator – this criminal enterprise is running a scam, stay away":

If you get something from this article, here is what you need to know,

-E-creator runs a business where the main activity is posting fake reviews on e-commerce sites

-Posting fake reviews is unethical and illegal in many countries

-E-creator offers unrealistic returns for members who are required to post 10 fake reviews a day, promising about 100% of principal in commissions every month

-E-creator requires members deposit money with them and maintain that balance if they are to get the promised commissions

-There is no reason why they should require such deposits and E-creator has been asked and failed to explain why

-E-creator is not licensed to take deposits by the RBZ, if indeed the monies placed with them could be called deposits

-Stay away from E-creator, save yourself[3]

Further reading on Pyramid Schemes in Zimbabwe


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