Edson Fungai Shirihuru was an early nationalist elected to the House of Assembly for Zanu PF in 1980. [1]

Personal Details

Born: 25 November 1937. In Harare.
Marriage: Single in 1980.
Death: August 1993.

School / Education

Had degree in Political Science and International Development.

Service / Career

Deputy Chief Representative Latin America, Caribbean and USA.
Representative to United Nations.
1980 - elected to House of Assembly for Zanu PF, Mashonaland East.


Further Reading

Edson Shirihuru (Late CIO Deputy Director), was central to an incident involving the May 1990 disappearance of Rashiwe Guzha, a young typist within the CIO. It was widely reported that the then CIO Deputy Director Edson Shirihuru was the man responsible for her disappearance. As Shirihuru awaited trial he whispered just that little bit too loudly to friends saying that if he were convicted I will not go alone. In August 1993 he was dead.

At Shirihuru’s funeral, President Robert Mugabe claimed the case was closed. This was despite strong evidence implicating Shirihuru, Collen Chingura Ndangariro and Cleopus Budiyo Gwinyai in Guzha’s disappearance. Additionally the police had a reported 53 witnesses. [2]

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