Elliot Piki

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Elliot Piki

Elliot Piki is a Zimbabwean politician, a retired army colonel in the Zimbabwe National Army and former member of the ZANU-PF party. In November of 2018, it was reported that Piki was abducted on the 25th of November 2018 a day before he was expected to testify before The Motlanthe Commission.[1]

charges of stealing a transformer

In 2008 Piki faced charges of stealing a transformer worth $160 million Zimbabwean dollars from a farm in Darwendale. He plea was not guilty and he was acquited.[2]

Expulsion from ZANU-PF

In July of 2018 Piki was among the eleven ZANU-PF members expelled by the party's Harare province for defying the party's orders after they had made a decision to participate in the election as independent candidates. Piki filed papers with the Nomination Court on 14 June to participate as an independent candidate.[3]

Alleged abduction

Jealousy Mawarire alleged that Piki was abducted by unknown assailants.Speaking on Twitter, Mawarire said Piki was set to testify before the Kgalema Motlanthe chaired Commission of Inquiry into the August 1 post-election disturbances. According to Mawarire, Piki’s wife has since made a police report on the alleged abduction under police initial crime report, RRB 3784040. However, Commission spokesperson John Masuku dismissed reports that Piki was among those who were expected to testify before the Commission.[4]