Ernest Chirambadare

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Ernest Chirambadare
BornErnest Chirambadare
(1970-02-27) February 27, 1970 (age 49)
  • Footballer.

Ernest Chirambadare is one of the most prolific goalkeepers to have played for Dynamos Football Club and the national team.


Ernest was born on February 27, 1970[1]


Chirambadare was known for having a great goalkeeper with a safe pair of hands. He played for Dembare in their historic run in the African Champions League. Among some of Chirambadare's contemporaries were Chamu Musanhu, Stewart Murisa, Lloyd Mutasa and Memory Mucherahowa.[2] Chirambadare played for several big clubs during his day which included the likes of Blackpool Football Club, Black Aces, CAPS United Football Club but the best part of his career was arguably at Dembare.[3] Prior to Chirambadare's heroics with Dembare in champions league, he had helped Blackpool carve their own piece of history by becoming the Zimbabwean club t reach the semi finals of the continental tournament. Chirambadare had a very successful football career spanning over twelve years until eventually he moved to the United Kingdom where he currently resides and works as a nurse.[4]

Political career

Chirambadare is said to have been a prominent member of the MDC and for some time he is said to have been a public speaker at some of the party's rallies. When he was at the point of being deported, Chirambadare is said to have argued that he would be killed it he was to come back to Zimbabwe due to his involvement with the MDC.[5]

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