Evidence Chihera Jiri

Evidence Chihera Jiri is a Zimbabwean former gospel singer and the woman behind ‘Team Chihera Gossip Family’.


Evidence Jiri released two albums in her brief career as a gospel musician: Ngandikundi in 2008 and Ndirwirei Jesu in 2010. She also made the headlines when she accused fellow gospel musician Mathias Mhere of stealing the chart-topping hit song Favour. She claimed that she penned the song but delayed in releasing it, which resulted in Mhere allegedly stealing the song.

In an interview with H-Metro, Jiri said she had quit her faith and gospel to pursue sex work. After dumping gospel music she released the track Hachisekanwi following the stigma she suffered after turning to sex work.[1]


Evidence Chihera ft Peter Moyo - Masango Anoera



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