Faith Candy

Faith Candy is a Zimbabwean model, singer, businesswoman, and the former Miss Curvy People’s Choice Queen 2018.

Real Name

Her real name Faith Naphazi.[1]


Her mother disappeared when she was only one-year three months old and grew up with her father’s relatives.[2]


Faith Candy runs Faith Candy Beauty Products.[3]


In December 2020 she won the SADC Success Awards for the Best Online Business. The awards were presented by Young Women in Business Zimbabwe (YWiBZ Global).[4]

Covid-19 Battle

She tested positive for Covid-19 on 1 January 2021. Narrating her ordeal she said:

I started feeling sick on Friday but I thought maybe it was a minor headache before I started taking paracetamol among other herbs. Then on Sunday I started feeling weak and got worse on Monday. The experience is bad because it brings fear, death mind, anything that you wouldn’t want to think of. The pain is just too much, you don’t know kuti wonyatsoita sei it’s a confusing situation. I just want to believe that if you fight you will pull through despite the fact that a lot of people fear which result in death, but the disease is something else. But right now I am feeling much better and I have recovered well.



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