Farai London is a fashion brand officially launched in July 2020.


Farai London is named after Msengi's grandmother Farai Angeline Tapedza who taught her how to sew.[1]

In its first and only month in business, Farai London's signature dress, dubbed the Gaia, was worn by Kylie Jenner and it went viral after she captured it for Instagram. Mary-Ann Msengi she launched Farai London with the goal of redefining womenswear. Farai London features bold prints to unique silhouettes.[2]

In May 2021, Farai London launched their brand in Selfridges stores across the UK and the online shopping website Revolve.[3]


Farai London is owned by Mary-Ann Msengi.



The dress comes in three different colours: Black, Canary yellow with blue detailing, and Multicolor (as worn by Kylie, including bright yellows, blues, and green).[2]


In September 2021, Farai London won the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards 2021 for Outstanding Achievement in Fashion.[4]


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