The Farm Mechanisation Scheme was a project implemented by the Zimbabwean government in 2007 in an attempt to boost agricultural production in the country. The scheme was championed by then governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr. Gideon Gono. The program targeted the country’s newly-resettled farmers who were then helped with farm implements on a rent-to-buy basis.

The programmed was riddled with corruption and more than US$200 million was pumped into the four-phase farm mechanisation programme which did not produce expected results.

It was reported that a significant number of the senior political elite, including Gono, gave themselves irrigation schemes, brand new tractors, combine harvesters and implements.

The loans were not returned and the MPs voted that they be written off.


Agricultural mechanisation is often a result of induced technical change in which development and application of new technologies is endogenous to the economic system. Mechanisation has the potential to expand production; improve timeliness of operations; widen the application of power to crop processing, irrigation and infrastructure improvement; compensate for labour shortages; and alleviate drudgery. It is report that 100 000 beneficiaries got farm implements under the scheme depending on their respective category.

Rationale behind the Mechanisation Programme

The Mechanization Programme was conceived as part of the broader and swifter measures to revitalize and recapitalize the agricultural sector of the country in the long term and consolidate the gains of the Fast Track Land Reform Program. It was launched in 2007. As a strategic national developmental program, the intervention has significantly transformed the equipment and productive landscape of the sector by mechanizing both communal and commercial farmers. Under the program, thousands of pieces of equipment (tractor drawn and animal drawn implements) have been distributed to thousands of beneficiaries across the country to enable them to produce at optimal levels and achieve food security and sustenance. This has resulted in a critical mass of farmers being empowered to achieve the program’s strategic long term vision of food security. This empowerment was intended to translate into accelerated economic growth by way of increased productivity and greater returns from the empowered farmers. The Mechanization Programme was part of the ongoing efforts to anchor lasting productivity in agriculture in order to promote food security.[1]

Mechanisation Implements

The mechanisation implements where allocated in categories. There were two categories of farm implements which were Category 1 that dealt with the Animal Drawn implements and Category 2 which dealt with Tractor Drawn Implements (Mechanised). The implements included ploughs, harrows, planters, cultivators, knapsacks, tractors, etc.

Conditions applicable

  • One should have had a farm (A1) to benefit from the mechanisation programme
  • One should have had a piece of land (A2)
  • One should have had a record of past production


The BSR of 18 July 2020, reported on the 2007 RBZ Farm Mechanisation Scheme, as a result of the Fast Track Land Reform Programme.

The data is analysed by recipients origin:.

  • Mashonaland provinces had the most beneficiaries, both in terms of numbers and value.

Mashonaland East got US$47,5 million,
Mashonaland West US$44,7 million
Mashonaland Central had US$34,2 million.

  • Two Matebeleland provinces had a combined total of US$13,9 million.
  • Masvingo US$26,4 million,
  • Manicaland US$18 million
  • Midlands US$14 million.

The beneficiaries were listed by groups.

The Politicians

Former President Robert Mugabe’s name never features directly on the list of beneficiaries.

Name Position Loan value
“H.E.” ? Equipment worth US$145,691.00
“Zimbabwe House” Zimbabwe House is the property opposite the State House along Chancellor Avenue, the presidential residence Equipment worth US$1,14 million
Pamberi Investments ? Equipment worth US$1,3 million
Kutama Day Secondary School Located in Zvimba Equipment worth US$2,239,109.00 (including between 90-100 tractors)
Emmerson Mnangagwa Current President, his farm, Pricabe Enterprises US$411,728.00
Joseph Msika Late former Vice President US$678,867.00
Joice Mujuru Former Vice President US$131,200.00
The “Mujuru Project” ? US$311,868.00
Phelekezela Mphoko Former Vice President US$40,664.00
Obert Mpofu Former Minister Equipment worth US$383,796.00
Walter Chidhakwa Former Minister US$400,267.00
Patrick Chinamasa Former Minister, Tsukumai Farm US$350,463.00
Sydney Sekeramayi Former Minister US$331,222.00
Munacho Mutezo Former minister, Ferncarry Farm US$335,181.00
Didymus Mutasa Former minister Goods worth US$203,797.00
Oppah Muchinguri Minister of Defence and ZANU PF Chairperson, Middlepos Farm US$383,131.00
Rugare Gumbo Former minister US$316,767.00
Flora Buka Former minister US$331,972.00
Francis Nhema Former minister US$129,035.00
Ignatius Chombo Former ZANU PF Secretary for Administration and minister US$248,601.00
Christopher Mushohwe Former minister, Beverly Hills Estate Two tranches at US$289,565.00 and US$48,574.00 for a total of US$338,139.00
Nyasha Chikwinya Former minister US$151,143.00
Ray Kaukonde Former Mashonaland East Governor US$231,139.00
Martin Dinha Former Governor and Provincial Affairs Minister for Mashonaland Central US$378,122.00
Nicholas Goche Former State Security Minister US$305,608.00
Olivia Muchena Former Agriculture Minister US$376,470.00
Elliot Manyika A Minister and ZANU PF political commissar who died in a car accident in 2008 US$312,500.00
Mike Madiro Former deputy minister, Wilton Farm US$319,727.00
Simbarashe Mumbengegwi Former Foreign Affairs Minister US$312,979.00
Bright Matonga Former Deputy Minister US$359,420.00
Edna Madzongwe President of the Senate between 2005 and 2018 US$325,368.00
Webster Shamu Former minister US$302,715.00
Christopher Mutsvangwa Former minister, Pegreach Moncris Farm US$80,699.00
Paul Mangwana Former minister US$58,956.00
Victor Matemadanda Former minister US$25,534.00

Other Ministerial Beneficiaries

Name Amount
Chenhamo Chimutengwende US$98,780.00
Lazarus Dokora US$82,719.00
Sithembiso Nyoni US$7,097.00
Sylvester Nguni US$53,600.00
Joel Biggie Matiza US$46,949.00
Apollonia Munzverengi US$59,662.00
Ambrose Mutinhiri US$68,321.00
Mike Bimha US$73,877.00
David Chapfika US$79,936.00
Petronella Kagonye US$94,761.00
David Parirenyatwa (Tambawakaguta Farm) US$88,631.00
Mandi Chimene (Tasendekerapano Farm) US$37,520.00
Samuel Undenge US$70,935.00
Jason Machaya US$49,700.00
Josiah Hungwe US$99,511.00
Joram Gumbo US$39,869.00
July Moyo US$42,450.00
Owen Ncube US$38,000.00
Frederick Shava US$62,217.00
Davis Marapira US$54,293.00
Makhosini Hlongwane US$108,767.00
Kindness Paradza US$118,485.00
Peter Haritatos US$38,000.00

Political Referees: Judges

Name Position Loan value
Godfrey Chidyausiku The late Chief Justice Machinery and equipment worth US$381,946.00
Mishrod Guvamombe Former Chief Magistrate US$107,848.00
Justice Paddington Garwe Supreme Court judge US$92,986.00
Justice Alfas Chitakunye Supreme Court judge US$92,685.00
Justice Tadios Karwi Supreme Court judge US$95,732.00
Justice Tendai Uchena Supreme Court judge US$89,382.00
Justice Lavender Makoni Supreme Court judge US$87,984.00
Elizabeth Gwaunza Deputy Chief Justice US$62,534.00
Justice Cheda Supreme Court judge US$69,729.00
Justice Antonia Guvava Supreme Court judge US$68,380.00
Justice Ben Hlatshwayo Judge US$49,801.00
Justice Charles Hungwe Judge US$46,640.00
Justice Tawanda Chitapi Judge US$44,817.00
Justice Susan Mavangira Judge US$33,695.00
Justice Vernanda Ziyambi Judge US$33.695.00
Custom Kachambwa Former senior magistrate US$42,947
Ennie Marie Gowora Marie-Anne Gowora Supreme Court judge [[Nyamera Farm] US$48,600.00
Morgan Nemadire Senior magistrate Generator worth US$1,299.00 at Nemadzime Village

Political referees: Prosecutors and legal advisers

Name Position Loan value
Johannes Tomana Former Attorney General Goods worth US$63,583.00
Florence Ziyambi Senior member of the Attorney General’s Office US$63,982.00
Advocate Prince Machaya Attorney General, listed at Blackeney Farm US$46,752.00

Political Referees: Commissions

Name Position Loans value
Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba Head of the predecessor to ZEC in 2007/08 US$169,972.00
Lovemore Sekeramayi Chief Elections Officer US$46,858.00
Tobaiwa Mudede Registrar Two loans worth a total of US$250,896.00
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission The Commission itself Given hundreds of motorbikes worth US$197,244.00
Gabriel Chaibva Commissioner of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission US$88,623.00
Mabel Chinomona President of the Senate US$119,805.00

Politically Exposed Persons

Name Position Loans value
Bingu wa Mutharika Was married to a Zimbabwean and had a farm in Zimbabwe US$124,111.00
Maphid Albert Mnangagwa related to Emmerson Mnangagwa US$93,111.00
Gerald Mlotshwa son-in-law of Emmerson Mnangagwa US$59,605.00
Joseph Chinotimba a ZANU PF MP Machinery and equipment worth US$163,401.00 including 2 Massey Ferguson tractors
Pupurai Togarepi ZANU PF Chief Whip in Parliament, New Brookline Farm No. 1 near Ngezi River is listed as owing US$72,547.00
Obediah Moyo Former Minister of Health US$130,963.00
Tariro Mupfumira Son of former Minister Prisca Mupfumira listed twice - US$112,581.00 (Mash West) and US$59,499 (Masvingo) for a total of US$172,080.00.
Temba Mliswa MP US$462,999.00
Nomsa Mliswa ? US$58,017.00
Wicknell Chivhayo ZESA solar power project in Gwanda US$48,315.00
Wilson Manase Lawyer, new Executive Chairman of Chivayo solar power company US$297,015.00
Dr Sydney Gata ZESA Executive Chairman US$50,600.00
Basil Nyabadza Rockingstone Farm US$72,574.00
Simba Nyabadza PEP Two tranches amounting to US$99,718.00
Simon Nyabadza PEP US$76,139.00
Takudzwa Nyabadza PEP US$20,900.00
Michael Nyabadza PEP US$125,633.00
Father Nyabadza Priest US$72,574.00
Leo Mugabe former President’s family US$100,885.00
Sabina Mugabe Leo’s mother, Robert’s sister US$66,680.00
Bridget Mugabe Sabina’s sister US$42,720.00
Albert Mugabe Former head of ZINARA, Robert’s nephew US$64,792.00
Patrick Zhuwao Robert’s nephew US$93,000.00
More Mugabe ? US$50,120
Kaitano Mutandwa Mugabe ? US$63,251.00
Constancia Mugabe ? US$44,879.00
Innocent Matibiri Former senior police officer Two loans totalling US$403,825.00
Maseline Matibiri ? US$15,976.00
Silence Matibiri ? US$117,176.00
Plaxedes Matibiri ? US$27,514.00
Malvern Matibiri ? US$44,879.00
John Masese Matibiri ? US$31,167.00
Albert Nyakuedzwa Folkington Farm US$286,853.00
Nobert Nyakuedzwa PEP US$59,300.00
Dr Douglas Mombeshora Former Minister US$312,528.00
Sekuru Mombeshora PEP US$98,539.00
Lucy Mombeshora PEP US$78,145.00
Gideon Mombeshora PEP US$91,953.00
Augustine Mombeshora PEP US$60,118.00
Christine Tsvakwi PEP US$405,967.00
Ray Tsvakwi PEP US$177,799.00
Rephias Tsvakwi PEP US$34,318.00
Dakarayi Mapuranga PEP US$52,943.00
Sheunesu Mupepereki PEP US$82,466.00
Vimbai Chivaura PEP US$108,326.00
Claudios Mararike PEP US$86,708.00
Reuben Barwe Media personality US$79,607.00
Judith Makwanya Media personality US$35,984.00
Pikirayi Deketeke Zimpapers CEO US$44,860
George Chisoko Assistant editor at The Herald US$340,616.00

Senior Civil Servants

Name Position Loans value
Munyaradzi Kajese Head of protocol US$468,150.00
Mariyawanda Nzuwa Chief of the Public Service Commission Two loans amounting to US$317,775.00
Misheck Sibanda Chief Secretary to the President and the Cabinet Two loans totalling US$351,148
Innocent Tizora Senior staffer, managed state residences US$149,481.00
Ambassador Boniface Chidyausiku brother to the late Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku Two loans of US$209,791.00 in 2008 and US$66,225.00 in 2007 for a total of US$276,016.00
Willard Chiwewe Senior civil servant and governor of Masvingo US$429,512.00
Karikoga Kaseke Former head of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority US$58,299.00
Tinaye Chigudu Former governor 3 separate loans amounting to US$435,647.00
George Charamba Spokesperson for former President Mugabe, Deputy Chief Secretary and spokesperson for President Mnangagwa Machinery and equipment worth US$127,723.00
Justin Mupamhanga Permanent secretary US$135,230.00
Martin Rushwaya Permanent secretary US$84,543.00
Virginia Mabhiza Permanent secretary US$37,683.00
Judith Kateera Permanent secretary US$43,487.00
Eric Harid Permanent secretary US$74,264
James Manzou Permanent secretary US$63,967.00
Nancy Sifeku Head of NatPharm US$38,895.00
Gershem Pasi ZIMRA Two loans valued at US$70,099.00
Austin Zvoma Former Clerk of Parliament US$75,807.00
Happison Muchechetere Ex-head of the ZBC US$82,476.00

The Clergy

Name Position Loan value
Archbishop Ezekiel Guti Archbishop US$116,693.00
Nolbert Kunonga Preacher US$98,661.00
Agatha Kunonga Preacher US$58,318.00
Rutendo Andrew Wutawunashe Preacher US$18,200.00
Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi Bishop Two loans of US$271,000.00 and US$315,600.00 for a grand total of US$586,600.00.



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