Farm Mechanisation Scheme 2007

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The Farm Mechanisation Scheme was a project implemented by the Zimbabwean governmenent in 2007 in an attempt to boost agriculture prroduce in the country. The scheme was championed by then govenor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr. Gideon Gono. the program targeted the country’s newly-resettled farmers who were then helped with farm implements on a rent-to-buy basis.

Ther programmed was riddled with corruption and the more than US$200 million was pumped into the four-phase farm mechanisation programme largely did not produce any results. It was launched in 2007, ostensibly to

Irt as reported that a significant number of the senior political elite, including Gono, gave themselves irrigation schemes, brand new tractors, combine harvesters and implements that genuine farmers would have given their eye teeth to have had.

The loans were not returned and the MPs voted that they be written off.

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