Fuzzy Technologies

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Fuzzy Technologies is a Zimbabwean company that supplies information technology products and services. It is owned by Godfrey Gandawa who is the Deputy Minister at Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development.

Allegations of Corruption

In October 2016, Fuzzy Technologies and its owner were investigated by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC). The allegations were that Fuzzy Technologies was used by Gandawa and the minister Jonathan Moyo to syphon money from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF). According to ZACC, the bank accounts of Fuzzy Technologies showed that all its deposits came from ZIMDEF and that huge amounts were subsequently transferred to personal accounts or to fund personal projects of the minister and deputy minister.

Fuzzy Technologies was also contracted by Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education to supply computer equipment without going to tender. The case was therefore of conflict of interest as it is owned by the deputy Minister. It was also alleged that on some occasions, the goods were imported by Fuzzy Technologies in the name of the Ministry and were subsequently sold to the Ministry. This enabled the company to avoid paying import duties and earn vast profits from the patently criminal enterprise.

Admission of the Corruption by Moyo

Days after the allegations were reported in the press, Jonathan Moyo allegedly wrote to President Robert Mugabe, apparently to explain himself. He admitted that some wrong had been done but attributed this to judgemental errors.

I wish to place on record the fact that the implementation of the support given to the women and youth programmes had some shortcomings that had to be rectified in order to avoid them in the future. The shortcomings arose from judgmental errors … For example, while I understand the reason why the deputy minister, Gandawa, had to use Fuzzy Technologies in a number of key and sensitive transactions, the fact that he owns this company should have disqualified it to avoid misunderstandings such as have arisen. But this was due to the nature of the task at hand.[1]


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