Gambarimwe Cave

Gambarimwe Cave is a national monument.

Why Visit

This cave is also quite remote; some of the paintings are high up on the wall and therefore have survived in reasonable condition. It has a number of good camp scenes and a frieze of stippling and trees that stretch across most of the cave

How to get here

From Harare take the A2 towards 143 KM to Mutoko. Just 0.63 KM from Mutoko town turnoff, the old strip rod joins from the left. Distances are from the A2 / old strip road intersection: Take the old strip road heading west back to Harare, 7.03 KM turn right onto gravel road with signpost for Katzukunya Schools and Clinic, 9.2 pass turnoff left to Katzukunya school, 16.49 KM pass turnoff left to stores, 17.03 KM pass turnoff right to Nyamakope School, 17.58 KM turn left onto the road at the granite block signposted “Quarrying Enterprises, Nyamakope Site,” follow the track up the hill going west, 18.58 KM park car at entrance to farmstead. (GPS reference: 17⁰19′14.35″S 32⁰07′22.67″E) Suggest you ask for a guide (Mike Kambire 0771692090) to take you on the path that leads north from here on the other side of the road and then northwest to Gambarimwe cave which is well concealed behind boulders on the crest of the hill. Zimbabwe Caves And Rock Paintings