Gift Amuli
Gift Amuli
BornGift Amuli
  • Musician
Parent(s)Jane Dube (mother)

Gift Amuli is a Zimbabwean musician who specialises in the Sungura genre. He is well known for his hit song Wamatuka. His fans affectionately know him as Case.


Gift Amuli's mother is Jane Dube. Amuli uses his mother's surname. His mother was abused and impregnated by her white employer and she was dismissed from ‘work’ where she was employed as a domestic worker in Gweru’s low-density suburbs. She did not even notify her parents about what had happened to her. It was only when Amuli’s mother gave birth that her parents got to know their daughter had been abused. Amuli’s mother returned to the village and was shamed for falling pregnant out of wedlock. His mother did not reveal who Gift Amuli's father was. He grew up with his grandparents in Mkoba in Gweru.[1]


He did his primary school education at Bumburwi Primary School. After completing primary school, Amuli's uncle called him to join him in Zvishavane for his secondary education and that is when Gift Amuli met Joseph Mutero who was fronting Zvishavane Sounds. During my ‘A’-Level studies at Regina Mundi High School, Amuli joined the Zig-Zag Band.[2]


Gift Amuli started off with the Zig Zag Band in the 80s before joining the Joseph Mutero led Zvishavane Sounds who produced the 90s hit Mutongi Gava.[3][4] Gift Amuli and other musicians were employed fully as musicians by Shabanie Mine as part of the mine's social responsibility.[3]

However in 2001, the conditions of work for the musicians changed and they were required to undergo training in any one of the mine's departments as full-time workers and part-time musicians. As a result, Amuli trained as an electrician.[3] In 2002, Amuli had a solo project, a five-track album titled Wedangwe which did not do well.[4] In 2003, Amuli left the mine's employ and left for South Africa in search of greener pastures and when he came back he produced the album Munozvigona Sei.[3] It is this album that put him on the country's Sungura map with the hit Wamatuka.


Wedangwe (2002)

By Ginya (2011)

  • Amai veVana

Munozvigona Sei

  • Munozvigona Sei
  • Wamatuka
  • Muhope Ndinewe


  • Nyasha
  • Gamuchirai
  • Nhai Baba

Yave Munesu-Bhora Mberi (2013)

  • Bhora Mberi
  • Muchengeti
  • Muporofita
  • Zvawada
  • Ndiwe
  • Ndirimuranda [5]


Maintenance Case

In 2013 Amuli was taken to court by Clara Gutsa, who sued him for maintenance after he had failed to provide for their two children. Amuli consented to the amount that Gutsa wanted and agreed to contribute $250 per month for both children.[6] After court proceedings, Gutsa claimed that

"Amuli can afford to buy things for himself which cost thousands of dollars while he buys substandard clothes for the children which cost $2"[6]

Abandoning Band

Gift Amuli in 2014, allegedly abandoned his band for mining after failing to fully pay his band members for their festive season shows and paid them $5 for shows held at the end of 2013.[7] Courage, who was a band member is quoted as saying

"He promised to give us more money in January but we later heard he had gone to Zvishavane"[7]

Losing Car

In the same year, Amuli lost a car that he had received from Edias Mavedzenge to assist in resuscitating his waning music career. It is alleged that Amuli failed to employ one of Mavedzenge's relatives in the band as they had agreed. Lilanda Hungwe who was Amuli's former manager at the time confirmed the development saying

"As I speak Mavedzenge has the car. He took it because Amuli could not work according to the agreement"[8]

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