Gift "Ostallos" Siziba
Gift Ostallos Siziba Biography
BornGift Siziba
EducationUniversity of Zimbabwe
OrganizationCitizens' Coalition for Change
Known forBeing a political activist

Gift "Ostallos" Siziba is a Zimbabwean political activist. He is the Citizens' Coalition for Change National Deputy Spokesperson. Siziba is a former Student Representative Council (SRC) president of the University of Zimbabwe under Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU). He is one of the founding members of Zimbabwe's social movements in particular #Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign.[1]


Siziba holds a Masters in International Relations.[1]


In 2016 he was the public relations officer at the Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (RTUZ).[2] He also served as MDC Youth Assembly secretary-general.[3]


Gift Ostallos Siziba was abducted on 26 October 2016 by what he suspected to be state security agents. According to his own account, Siziba was taken to the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare. Siziba was abducted during an electoral reform march bringing together political parties turned violent when police defied a High Court order to let the demonstration proceed.

Siziba was snatched from the protesting crowds and driven away in a silver Toyota Corola registered as ABA 9705 near Fidelity Life Tower in the city centre.

He said that on arrival at the Zanu PF building he was tortured and assaulted with his feet hanging upwards and his head downwards. Siziba said he counted 21 youth and old men who took turns beating him until he passed out.

In the same torture chambers, Siziba said he was instructed to engage in unprotected sex with an old lady, of which his refusal resulted in further beatings and torture.

It was after a long beating that a drum of what Gift Ostallos Siziba suspected to be sulphuric acid was brought and he was to be put inside only to be saved by calls from outside where he was told people were making noise for his release.

Siziba was then found in police custody before he was transferred to the Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison. He received no treatment until he was sent to Parirenyatwa Hospital where they put a plaster on his right arm.

When he appeared before a Magistrate he was denied bail before the High Court intervened on the case and Siziba was released after a long month and some days.[1][2]



In July 2019, Siziba was detained on what the MDC Alliance claimed were “trumped-up charges of incitement to commit public violence.” The charges rose from remarks he allegedly made at a rally in Glen Norah in Harare. Gift Ostallos Siziba Siziba went to Harare Central Police Station CID Law and Order section on 10 July 2019 accompanied by his lawyers, Moses Nkomo and Agency Gumbo. The police refused to release him into their custody pending his appearance in court.[3]


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