Go Karting Race Beginnning

The Go-Karting sport in Zimbabwe is a niche sport visible mostly only in Harare. The sport is played competitively in Harare by the Sables Karting club. The sport has not grown much in the country because of the lack of corporate sponsorship since it is quite an expensive sport.

Competitive Karting

Zimbabwe has four classes of karts which include:

  • Cadets - the youngest class for 6-12-year-olds,
  • Mini Rok - open to ages from 8-13, the class uses slightly larger karts than the cadet.
  • Junior Rotax - for drivers who are aged 12-16 years old
  • Senior Rotax Max Class - Drivers above 16 years old[1]
Karting Winners Receive their trophies

Winners of the local karting events get an opportunity to represent Zimbabwe at international karting tournaments such as the Rok Cup Superfinal which is held in Italy annually.[2]

Karting Venues

Pole Position Karts, Harare

Pole Position Karts is a rental kart business in Zimbabwe with its own track, a fleet of 18 karts and a full electronic Mylaps timing system at its venue in Eastlea where members of the public can kart for a fee.

  • 154 Chapman Way Hellenic Cultural Centre, Harare Zimbabwe
  • Phone: +263 783 487 788
  • Email: zimkarts@yoafrica.com

Karting Zimbabwe

  • Msasa in Harare
  • Email: lionelandsam@gmail.com
  • Phone: +263772214752

Donnybrook Park, Harare

Donnybrook is the venue of competitive racing organised by the Sables Kart Club.

  • Location: Arcturus Road, Harare.

Karting Clubs in Zimbabwe

Prominent Zimbabwean Kart Drivers

  • Zac Dufty - Currently racing in South Africa, Duffy competed at the Rok world finals in 2013 and 2014.
  • Michael Mukori


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