Herbert Chamuka is a Zimbabwean politician and the leader of Ideas Party of Democracy (IPD). In 2022, he was the leader of the Peoples Unity Party, (PUP).

Mnangagwa Hands Are Clean Comments

In an article published by 263Chat in May 2021, Chamuka exonerated President Emmerson Mnangagwa of any wrongdoing. Chamuka also urged opposition leaders to desist from denouncing Mnangagwa's name for political mileage. Chamuka who also hails from Zvishavane like Mnangagwa, said Mnangagwa is a victim of bullying by opposition parties who take advantage of his silence to prop up their agenda. He blamed the army and police for soiling Mnangagwa’s name by beating innocent civilians or opposition members who demonstrate against the state. He said:

“People blame Mnangagwa for this, but it’s not him alone who deployed the fifth brigade to destroy Ndebeles. He was just a Minister of State Security. The Defence Minister was Sydney Sekeremayi. Mnangagwa’s hands are clean but people took advantage of his silence. If you look at the Zanu-PF party during the Robert Mugabe era, most people pointed fingers at him! If Tsvangirai had died during the time of severe demonstrations in Zimbabwe. He is not to blame for the Gukurahundi, he wasn’t leading the massacre.”

He however criticised Constitutional Amendment Bill No.2 saying that he fears that [Zanu-PF]] might amend the Constitution and bar him from contesting the 2023 elections. [1]


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