Isaac Levy

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Isaac Levy
  • Businessman
Parent(s)Sam Levy
RelativesJulia, Maurice and Raymond

Isaac Levy is a Zimbabwean businessman and the son of Sam Levy who was a businessman and property developer known for constructing Sam Levy Village.

Funding Joice Mujuru's Party Reports

The Herald's Assistant News Editor Takunda Maodza was arrested on 3 November 2015 by detectives for allegedly demanding a bribe from the Levy family in Harare.

The arrest was effected while Maodza was investigating a story that the Levy family was funding the Zimbabwe People First party led by former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

Reports indicated that Isaac Levy called Maodza at his Borrowdale offices at Sam Levy Village, promising to give a comment on the matter, but police detectives arrested him, accusing the reporter of demanding a bribe. Sources who spoke to The Herald said that although Maodza had declined to take the money offered by Levy, police officers proceeded to arrest him and took him to Harare Central Police Station.[1]

On 6 July 2016, Maodza was summoned to court on charges of attempted extortion, was freed again after it emerged the State’s case was still in shambles. Harare magistrate Ms Rumbidzayi Mugwagwa refused to place Maodza on remand and ordered the State to proceed by way of summons again. This was after prosecutor Ms Gayton Vhiriri wanted to proceed to trial without furnishing the defence with a video footage in which Isaac Levy claimed he demanded bribe.

The State alleged that Maodza was offered US$700, but refused to take it in Levy’s office and suggested that he be given the money outside. It was further alleged that the conversation was recorded by a closed-circuit television (CCTV) in Levy’s office.[2]

Tax Evasion Allegations

In September 2015, the Kadoma Business Tenants’ Association appealed to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) to investigate Isaac Levy for alleged tax evasion. The association alleged Levy through his company Mutual Finance (Private) Limited collected value-added tax (VAT) from its members claiming the funds would be remitted to Zimra, but failed to prove that he was remitting the funds to the tax collector.

At the time, Kadoma Business Tenants’ Association was a registered trust representing 40 business entities on matters such as rent and lease disputes. The association also alleged that Isaac Levy had threatened to evict all tenants after he was exposed.

NewsDay reported that through his lawyers S Rugwaro and Associates, Levy had sent out eviction notices to all tenants at Sam Levy Complex situated in Kadoma. The publication could not get a comment from Levy or his manager Charles Kapfupi.[3]

Abuse of Workers

Security guards alleged that Isaac Levy and his brother Morris were abusing them. Isaac's brother Morris was accused of using obscene language to abuse them on a daily basis.

In one incident, Morris forced a security guard identified as Edwin Madziro to carry a large concrete and brick rouble on his head from Avondale to Borrowdale on 12 October 2016 as punishment for neglecting his duties.

Morris Levy found Madziro sitting on the rubble at work during lunchtime while having his lunch. Madziro was manning Levy’s residence in Avondale. This angered his boss, Morris Levy who accused him of neglecting his duties and immediately ordered him to carry the block on his head from his Avondale residence to Sam Levy Village with a car following him to ensure that he complied with the order.

It was alleged that Morris Levy also instructed one of his employees to take a picture of Mr Madziro carrying the block at Sam Levy Village to prove that he had arrived at the place and completed the punishment.

Samy Levy Village’s head of security Charles Kapfupi admitted that Madziro had received punishment for his behaviour at work but dismissed allegations that he was battling for his life.

He said Madziro was reporting for duty and that he was a ‘special’ guard who was entrusted to safeguard Morris Levy’s residence. When Madziro's co-workers heard of the reports that he had been illtreated they went to Levy's offices at Sam Levy Village protesting over the cruel punishment.[4]

Three security guards were fired and appeared in court on 26 October 2016 charged with disorderly conduct. The three were not asked to plead, when they appeared before magistrate, Victoria Mashamba, who remanded them to November 22 for trial.[5]


Isaac Levy funded the construction of classrooms at Am­buya MaFuyana Pri­mary School for­merly known as Selous Pri­mary School in Selous. The classrooms which were electrified and had ablution facilities were availed in 2018.

Isaac Levy work­ing through Webster Shamu started constructing the classrooms in 2014.[6]


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