The late Israel Dzangare and his wife Colette

Israel Dzangare was the founder and choir director of Chitungwiza Harmony Singers a choral group based in Chitungwiza. He died on 26 July 2012 aged 56.


Dzangare Dzangare was born in the Chiweshe district to a musical family and at seven, started singing in the family choir led by his mother. His father played in the Salvation Army brass band. He later moved to Mount Darwin where he finished his schooling as an active member of his school choir. By 1973, he was conducting his church choir, and choir music had become his life.

He traveled regularly for choir and musical involvements and in July last year attended the World Symposium on Choral Music at the Copenhagen Opera House.


Dzangare was brother to the late prominent evangelist Pastor Chiweshe.

Dzangare had four children with his wife, Cloette Dzangare, 3 sons and 1 daughter. His son Arnold Dzangare is also a choir director and carried over leading the choir after his father's death. His other children, Edwin and Molly, are also musicians and are part of the CHS choir.[1]


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