Jamal Nyika Mataure

Jamal Nyika Mataure (born 17 July 1976,[1] and died 9 October 2013), was a Zimbabwean Urban Grooves singer, composer and keyboardist.[2] Based in Mutare, Jamal was mostly known for his hit song Kurwizi, which was on his debut album, Ghetto. Jamal died at his home in Dangamvura, Mutare after being ill for a long time. Jamal was related to Sam Mataure, a well known drummer and artist manager in Zimbabwe.


Jamal is most known for the song Kurwizi, which is on his 2003 debut album Ghetto. An emerging urban grooves artists then, Jamal featured fellow emerging artist, Betty Makaya on the song. The song was however generally mistaken to be Makaya's song and contributed significantly to Makaya's early fame.[3] About Kurwizi, Jamal said later that “I was really overshadowed by Betty when we did the Kurwizi track. Most people thought I had featured on her track and they went on to purchase her album hoping to find that song.".[4]


During his career, Jamal moved to Mozambique where he continued with music. There he recorded a 14-track album that was produced by Tshoyw, a Mozambican producer. The album had a fusion of Afro-jazz, passada and R&B.[4] According to him, the album was "not the usual urban grooves,".[4] Some of the songs on the album were about HIV and Aids issues and people’s lifestyles in general. Zelma Fontes and Leonard Mapfumo were featured on the album.

Before his death, Jamal was said to be working on a gospel album called ZIMBA.com.[5]



  1. Ghetto (2003 - Tonderai Music Corporation)
  2. Zvinoita Bho (2012 Compilation)


  1. Kurwizi
  2. Baba Menina[2]
  3. Mwana Wechikoro[2]
  4. Pabonde
  5. Dzinomwa MunaZambezi
  6. Jesu Akati Apinda
  7. Baba Tava Kunorara
  8. Mira Padoko
  9. Menina
  10. Iwe
  11. Moza[5]
  12. Ruru[5]


Jamal was born on July 17, 1976 in Mozambique. He did his primary education at Rujeko Primary School in Dangamvura. He went to Mount St Mary’s School in Hwedza for his secondary education.[6] Jamal had 2 children, Taina and Jamaith.[6] He did not have a wife when he died in October 2013.[7]

Drug Abuse

A self confessed drug addict, it emerged in 2012 that Jamal abused drugs and alcohol. He was reportedly abusing a Mozambican spirit, ZED, smuggled through the country’s porous Forbes border post. The producer of his last album Zvichaita Bho complained that the Jamal showed up for recording intoxicated, which had resulted in him warning him not to set foot in his studio drunk.[8]

Illness and Death

Jamal's health deteriorated while he was in Mozambique where where he was working. A Zimbabwean weekly newspaper, The Standard wrote about an interview they had with Jamal while he was ill:

“I have been staying in Mozambique for the past six years but I came back when my health started deteriorating,” says Jamal in a faint voice. “I used to be a heavy drinker and always used drugs. Many people knew I was an addict and I am sure that is the major cause of my illness now" “My health problem is not the sole reason I have been silent; I got fed up with the music industry when I discovered it was not rewarding. Even though I worked hard on a number of projects during the new millennium, appreciation for this new genre — urban grooves music that had just emerged — was simply not there. Disappointed and depressed by this state of affairs, I decided to return to Mutare but ended up in Mozambique,” [7]

Jamal's mother, Ruth, revealed in August 2013, just two months before he was to pass away, that he was HIV positive and that he had been battling motor neuron disease from 2012.[2] At several hospitals in Zimbabwe, his mother was told that his condition needed home-based care.[1] She nursed Jamal at home until his death Jamal on the afternoon of 9 October in Dangamvura, Mutare.

Jamal had over 50 unrecorded songs at the time of his death.[6]


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