Jocelyn Jacobsen (née Mauchaza) is a Zimbabwean entreprenuer and former wife of Constantino Chiwenga.


She married Constantino Chiwenga in November 1998 despite being advised against the move by her family. Chiwenga reportedly left the matrimonial home in April of 2010.

In 2012 Chiwenga filed for divorce citing Jocelyn’s alleged violent behaviour. In an interview, Jocelyn also accused Chiwenga of being abusive saying,

In future I will write a book about my life under the arm of an abusive GeneralI regret ever marrying him. If I had known he was an abusive husband like this, I would not have married him. I don’t care now, I am out of his system.

After they were divorced, Jocelyn was evicted from Dockson Farm in Goromonzi in September 2014 and in October the same year she was evicted from their Borrowdale Brooke mansion.

She has an adopted child together with Chiwenga. [1]

Jocelyn has two children, both from her previous marriage to a white Danish national.[2]


Jocelyn Jacobsen worked as a waitress at Jobs Night Spot in Harare.[2]

Legal Woes

In 2018, Jocelyn and her companies Licybuster Investments (Private) Ltd and Rugnet Ventures were taken to court for failing to repay a $2,6 million CBZ Bank loan. Consequently, Jocelyn risked losing her residential property in Harare’s leafy Glen Lorne suburb.

According to the court papers under case number HC2248/18, sometime in May 2014, the bank entered into a structured loan facility agreement with Rugnet Ventures for $1,3 million at the firm’s special instance and request.

Jocelyn and CBZ allegedly agreed that Rugnet Ventures would repay the loan facility at a rate of $260 000 per year until the expiry of the loan term on May 31, 2019. CBZ accused Jocelyn and her companies of breaching the terms of the restructured loan facility agreement by failing to repay the principal amount and interest fully and punctually in annual instalments of $260 000.[3]



In 2009, Jocelyn took the triplets of a poverty-stricken mother who appealed for help on national television. Jestina Kuwali, from the dormitory town Chitungwiza, surrendered her triplets to Jocelyn. It was not clear if she had adopted the triplets or taken them from their mother with a relative of the woman saying Jocelyn had temporarily taken custody of the babies while the mother Jestina Kuwali, recuperated.

In 2007 she took in a four-year-old orphan called Tanaka Jones from Highfield. Tanaka was picked up soon after birth in central Harare, and taken to the Harare Children's Home. That is where, four years later, Jocelyn spotted him.

It is unclear if she finally managed to win the custody battle for little Tanaka but she turned up at the Highfield office in 2007, demanding the little boys birth certificate because she needed a passport for him.

The social welfare officials stood their ground and she did not get the document.[2]

Assaulting Journalist

In 2007, she beat up photojournalist Tsvangirai Mukwazhi at Makro supermarket in Harare during a tour by the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Flanked by bodyguards, Chiwenga hurled insults at the MDC leader, including a threat to take his manhood as she ordered company security guards to cage Tsvangirai's entourage.[2]

In an interview with The Standard, Jocelyn spoke on the issue and said:

Tsvangirai never reported that case because really there was nothing. I didn’t go after Tsvangirai but I went to a CNN cameraman who was focussing on empty shelves and told him to take videos of shelves where there were groceries. I only told Tsvangirai not to call for sanctions against his country and I am glad we learnt a lesson because he now sees that. Sanctions have killed business in Zimbabwe but we as Zimbabweans are fighters, we will get up and go. We are strong.


Threatening White Farmer

Jocelyn ordered a white farmer to turn over his property to her or be killed during the height of the Land Reform, saying: "I have not tasted white blood for 20 years."

She then tried to sell the farmers produce to United Kingdom supermarket chain Sainsbury's, but Sainsbury's would not deal with her.[2]

Assaulting Lawyer

In 2003, she is reported to have beaten up a lawyer representing a reporter for the Daily News.

She assaulted Gugulethu Moyo who had gone to secure the release of the reporter, who had been arrested. Moyo was pounced on by Jocelyn inside a precinct while police watched.[2]


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