Johannes Ndanga
Bishop Johannes Ndanga, ACCZ
Bishop Johannes Ndanga
Personal details
OccupationPresident of the Apostolic Churches Council of Zimbabwe

Johannes Ndanga is a Zimbabwean religious figure and leader of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ). Ndanga is also the chairman of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification 's African Chapter, where he oversees 53 African countries.

Religious career

Bishop Ndanga was elected president of the ACCZ when it was formed in 2010.

Clash with the Vapostori and Beating of the Police

In December 2014, Ndanga was part of the controversy between ACCZ and a local Vapostori church led by Madzibaba Ishmael Chokurongerwa.[1] The controversy between the two parties involved the abuse of women and children. Ndanga as the overseer of the religious body which administers local churches went to their Budiriro shrine to address the issue. This resulted in the Vapostori under Madzibaba Ishmael responding violently by beating up several members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Journalists and some ACCZ officials who had accompanied Ndanga. He was lucky to escape unhurt.[1]

Launching Gender and Child Care Unit

In February of 2014, Ndanga launched the Gender and Child Care Unit (GCU) as a department under ACCZ mandated with creating a conducive environment for the development of children and women in the indigenous church constituency. Under the GCU in conjunction with the United Nation Population Fund, he initiated the anti-child marriage campaign which targeted Zion and Apostolic churches.

Ndanga said that ACCZ would not protect anyone found guilty of promoting or engaging in child marriages using church beliefs.[2]

Those who want to have visions or dreams of which woman they should marry should dream of single mothers, widows and not young girls. Why do they only dream of young girls? Why do they never dream of older, widowed women and or single mothers

Bishops Dialogue

In 2015 Ndanga initiated a Bishop's dialogue which saw church leaders from over 300 churches and Civic society organisations meeting at the Harare International Conference Centre in Harare. The dialogue was meant to discuss and map a way forward in the fight against child marriages with a particular focus on child marriages in Churches.[3]

Bishops' Dialogue
Bishops' Dialogue

Speaking against gender based violence

Archbishop Johannes Ndanga said that congregants have the responsibility to fight against all forms of gender-based violence and eliminating problems associated with gender stereotyping.

As churches, we applaud this notion and we want to join arms in addressing the disparities between men and women in the prevention of HIV and Aids, access to treatment, care and support and mitigation programmes


Remarks Against Magaya

In May 2015, Ndanga made remarks that Walter Magaya founder and leader of PHD Ministries was " agent of the devil...". Ndanga made allegations that Magaya had gone to Nigeria to get satanic powers which had resulted in various misfortunes such as the death of congregants in Kwekwe in 2014. Ndanga also criticised Magaya for partnering social controversial characters such as Beverly Sibanda.[5]

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Ndanga Speaking about Magaya
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