Joina City

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Joina City

Joina City which is located on the heart of Harare's Central Business District is the country's most revered shopping mall. Located at corner Jason Moyo and Julius Nyerere streets, Joina City is one of the many spectacular sights of the "Sunshine City". The shopping mall houses 72 compartments altogether.[1] Joina is the second tallest building in Zimbabwe after the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.[2]


The birth of the building is attributed to the amaginative work of a Zimbabwean businessman Shingai Mutasa.[3] Construction of the multi-storey complex began in 1998 at an estimated cost of US$27 million but suffered serious bottlenecks due to rapid increases in the cost of building materials some which had to be imported at a time the local currency was on perennial slide against major currency.[2] The building project was funded by a number of foreign businesspeople including a Saudi Prince who is believed to have pumped USD$1 million into the project.[4]


Inside View of Joina City

The sky-scrapper building has space for 72 offices and shops. In addition to that, the complex has a 16-floor office tower. The complex also has three levels of parking bays, with each one of them taking 200 vehicles” which translates to 600 underground parking bays.[1]

Joina City has 17 000 square of retail space, 12 000 square metres of office space and parking for 600 cars. It comprises supermarkets, clothing outlets, hair salons, bookshops, home care facilities, office blocks, banking facilities and underground parking bays.[1]


Joina City is a premier shopping destination. Home to an assorted and diverse range of shops and is a premier shopping destination, with a wide variety of stores servicing each shopper's individual needs.

Key Features

  1. 600 secure underground parking spaces.
  2. 5 high-speed lifts.
  3. Private Terraces.
  4. Air Conditioned.
  5. 3 compartment skirting & trunking for power, data & communications, plus power installed.
  6. Suspended ceiling with embedded light fittings.
  7. Interior mall on 4 floors comprising 15,000 sq.m. retail space and services.
  8. Separate office entrance.
  9. Four mall external access points.
  10. CCTV in all public spaces, personally & electronically monitored.[1]

Joina in Photos

Outside view of Joina
Joina from the top

Joina City View


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