Jonguxolo Aah Vululwandle! Sandile
Jonguxolo Sandile
Jonguxolo Sandile
Assumed office
12 July 2020
Preceded byMaxhob'ayakhawuleza Zanelizwe Sandile
Personal details
Jonguxolo Sandile

Jonguxolo Aah Vululwandle! Sandile is the tenth King of the Rharhabe Xhosa Kingdom. Jonguxolo Sandile was officially endorsed by the AmaRharhabe Royal family and nation as their new monarch in June 2021.

King Jonguxolo Sandile's responsibilities include leading and giving guidance to 42 heads of traditional councils and senior traditional leaders as well as 300 headmen in his jurisdiction.


He was given the name — Aahh Vululwandle! — as his royal salutation name.[1][2]


King Jonguxolo Sandile is the son of King Maxhob'ayakhawuleza Zanelizwe Sandile and Queen Noloyiso Sandile.[1]

King Jonguxolo's mother Noloyiso Zulu Sandile was the daughter of the late Zulu King Cyprian Bhekuzulu KaSolomon.

King Cyprian was the father of the late King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu. His father started the relationship between the AmaRharhabe and the Zulu Nation when he married King Zwelithini’s sister in 1988. King Jonguxolo's mother died on 8 July 2020. She succumbed to a Covid-19 related illness.[3]


His siblings include:


He is cousins with Zulu Monarch King Misuzulu Zulu KaZwelithini and all of King Goodwill Zwelithini's children.[3]


King Jonguxolo Sandile does not have a wife but he must get married before the official coronation.[3]


Jonguxolo Sandile was still a minor when his father, King Maxhob'ayakhawuleza Zanelizwe Sandile, died on July 11 2011 thus his mother led the nation until her death.[1]

In June 2021, King Jonguxolo Sandile was officially endorsed by the AmaRharhabe Royal family and nation as their new monarch. In May 2021, President Cyril Ramaphosa recognised the nation's Kingdom status after it won a 13-year court battle.

AmaRharhabe's status had previously been downgraded by the Nhlapho Commission.

After King Jonguxolo's formal introduction and endorsement, the minutes of the meeting were taken to the Eastern Cape Premier's office, who forwarded it to the Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Ministry.

Finally, it was sent to the Presidency for the signing and issuing of a certificate in recognition of the new King.[5]


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