Josephine Ncube

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Josephine Ncube was an employee of Harare City council. She was largely the Chamber Secretary, and at one time (2016) Acting Town Clerk.

Personal Details

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School / Education

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Service / Career

2016 - Acting Town Clerk, Josephine Ncube



In February 2014, Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni sent Josephine Ncube and Acting Director for housing Retired Major Mathew Marara to appear in his place before the Parliamentary Portfolio committee on Local Government, Rural and Urban Development. Chair Irene Zindi said the committee was “disappointed”. The committee was to take evidence on the Caledonia housing project.

Minister Saviour Kasukuwere told the committee that Caledonia was in chaos before their intervention. The Caledonia housing project was then being administered under a government ran parastal called Urban Development Corporation (Udcorp) working in partnership with the CoH. Udcorp took charge after housing cooperatives were rendered illegal.


Ncube is said to be linked to the Zanu-PF party. Last year mayor Manyenyeni suspended Ncube without allowances and salary following an audit report by the local government ministry which fingered her in a salary scandal; however his decision was met with resistance as Ncube was rescinded back. [1]

In 2015, Tendai Mahachi, the Town Clerk, was relieved of duties for retirement. Josephine Ncube was appointed acting Town Clerk.

In March 2016, Harare City Council appointed James Mushore as Town Clerk. Then, (the same day) central government, through the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Saviour Kasukuwere overturned the decision for a flawed hiring process. James Mushore challenged the dismissal in the courts. City Council refused a Ministry directive to re-advertise post. Saviour Kasukuwere spoke to the Acting Town Clerk, Josephine Ncube and Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni. The Mayor said our ‘hands are tied’ as the matter is before the courts. There were four matters surrounding this case before the courts. One being Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) suing Saviour Kasukuwere for abusing the Urban Councils Act. [2]

2016 Demonstration

A demonstration at Town House in November 2016, did not begin as scheduled as riot police early-camped there waiting to pounce on their easy prey. Residents Forum and CCDZ had stormed Town House in protest demanding immediate answers and expulsion of Acting Town Clerk Josephine Ncube and top management following alleged corruption scandals. Police arrested Centre for Community Development in Zimbabwe (CCDZ) Advocacy Officer George Makoni despite Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni having given the disgruntled residents the go ahead to air their grievances. Makoni was later released and ordered to pay $10 fine after police charged him for criminal nuisance.

CCDZ said “We are not happy with corruption taking place here at town house, as you have heard the top management are being awarded hefty salaries while their subordinates are not getting nothing we have water challenges, waste is not being collected so on behalf of and other organisations we are saying this must come to an end” Denford Ngadziore who was representing Residents Forum called for the immediate expulsion of Acting Town Clerk Josephine Ncube. Ngadziore also revealed that Residents Forum and other organisation had already approached the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) to investigate corruption at town House.

Firle Tender

CoH also awarded a tender of US$13.8m to an unregistered company for the rehabilitation of Firle Sewerage Works which was further presided over by unqualified councillors, an audit report tabled before a special council meeting revealed. [3]

Report Nullification Motion

Business during the full-council meeting was suspended after Acting Finance Committee Chair Luckson Mukunguma moved a motion calling for the nullification of all committee reports which were signed by Ncube while on suspension. “Considering the submissions that have been put forward pertaining the suspension of the acting Town Clerk who happens to report on duty, attend meetings, happens to sign reports, I don’t think this council can consider such reports as reports that are authentic. So I propose all the reports that were signed by the Town Clerk who was on suspension be not considered by this council”, Mukunguma said.

CoH has since upheld a decision to rescind Ncube following orders from the Ministry of Local Government. CoH is facing myriad of challenges with a serious employee salary backlog of four to five months. [4] [5]

2015 George Smith Report

In December 2017, Harare City Council suspended four senior officials. Acting town clerk Josephine Ncube, health services director Prosper Chonzi, finance director Tendai Kwenda and human capital director Cainos Chingombe were suspended after the report by the Justice George Smith -led tribunal that probed the top officials’ alleged abuse of power. They had awarding themselves “fat cat” salaries above government-imposed caps. File:George Smith 2015 Audit.pdf

In the interim, director of water Hosea Chisango was acting town clerk. He would write their suspension letters, and appoint acting heads.

According to a Local Government ministry audit, nine executives received unbudgeted bonuses amounting to more than $600 000. It also indicated that 40 executives received education allowances of more than $800 000 as well as holiday leave allowances of more than $300 000. The report also revealed that $282 000 was transferred into executive managers bank accounts from HCC’s Beer Levy and Estates account outside of employment costs. [6]

A tribunal to investigate council’s employment costs compliance reported in February 2017. This report led to the suspension of acting Town Clerk Josephine Ncube, human capital director Cainos Chingombe, Prosper Chonzi (Health Services) and Tendai Kwenda (Finance).

Water director Hosiah Chisango was appointed acting town clerk at a special full council meeting under acting mayor Councillor Enock Mupamawonde. Chisango was instructed to write suspension letters for the four and tasked with appointing officials to fill the voids left. Piwai Chiutsi, a lawyer and secretary of the tribunal, handed over the City of Harare Report of the Tribunal on the Ministerial Audit Report of June 30, 2016 ((Justice George Smith Audit) at the meeting. Council discussed the report and Cllr Girisoti Mandere recommended that council adopted the report seconded by Cllr Theresa Manase. “Acting town Clerk Mrs Ncube, directors Mr Chingombe, Dr Chonzi and Mr Kwenda should be suspended and an acting town clerk should be appointed,” said Cllr Mandere. Cllr Chinyowa interjected, saying council could not adopt a report which was not given to councillors. It was pointed out that the report was emailed to every councillor.

The report makes the case that the executives prejudiced council of more than $3 million in unsanctioned allowances and performance bonuses, while executives golden handshakes accounted for more than $6 million at a time when the city recorded huge budget deficits and service delivery had plunged to an all-time low. The officials looted the Traditional Beer Levy account, using the funds to purchase top of the range vehicles while some funds were transferred to personal accounts without any explanation. [5]

In January 2018, central government said it would not “meddle” in CoH affairs, following and regarding the suspension of Josephine Ncube, Cainos Chingombe, Prosper Chonzi and Tendai Kwenda. Secretary for Local Government, Public Works and National Housing George Magosvongwe said the matter was an internal issue. [7]

In December 2016, Josephine Nucbe was accused of interfering with council business while on suspension. She was prohibited from visiting Town House, which she did. CoH suspended Ncube without salary pending investigations last month following a Local Government audit report which unearthed that the executive at the local authority were still receiving hefty salaries and allowances.

Request for Forex/Roads

In October 2017, CoH made a special request to central government to provide forex to import plant and equipment for road repair. Acting Town Clerk Josephine Ncube told the Environmental Management Committee most of Harare’s roads are in a bad state and it is a nightmare for motorists to drive around Harare. They need to be repaired before the rainy season. She reported special requests had been submitted to the Ministry of Finance to allocate forex to contracted companies to enable them to timeously deliver the equipment. The committee also expressed concern over the increased number of push carts and parked trucks vending along major roads in the Central Business District. [8]

In November 2017, Acting Town Clerk Josephine Ncube told councillors that at this time $6 million, of $26 million received from Government’s Emergency Rehabilitation Fund, has been used in road maintenance.

The city’s 2018 budget proposed to allocate $12 million to roads and maintenance programmes. “It, therefore, behoves the city to fully capacitate its roads maintenance teams and steer clear of hiring plant, equipment and machinery. Council will indeed be seized with programmes to render zones fully functional before end of 2018 and the envisaged retooling exercise as targeted in the 2017 and 2018 budget is particularly instructive,” said Finance committee chair councillor Luckson Mukunguma while presenting the budget. [9]

Borehole Water

In December 2017, CoH urged residents to avoid drinking borehole water as it may be contaminated. Acting town clerk Josephine Ncube said residents needed to stop relying on borehole water as it has not been tested. “We assure residents that our water is safe. Residents should desist from going to boreholes because some of them have contaminated water.” “We have about $8 million in our budget for pipe replacement.” Were among measures to ensure the supply of clean water to residents. “This year work has started and is progressing well.” According to Mrs Ncube, the city was losing a lot of money buying chemicals to purify water, and this was unsustainable. [10]

High Court Application

After suspension on allegations of financial abuse (George Smth Report 2015), due to a tribunal report on an investigate into council salaries, Josephine Ncube in May 2018, filed an application at the High Court (case number 4013/18) seeking to have her suspension nullified, and an order stopping the disciplinary tribunal from hearing her case on the basis that she was sick and not fit to attend the hearing.

CoH responded with a counter-application (4 September) seeking to quash the challenge, arguing that she had failed to prosecute her case within reasonable time. CoH said the dismissal of the case will pave way for the speedy finalisation of the labour dispute. "The respondent has not taken any steps whatsoever to finalise the matter," it said. "The respondent's behaviour is hardly the conduct of a litigant who has an intention of prosecuting her matter to finality." [11]

In April, 2019, Josephine Ncube sought an amicable retirement from CoH following her suspension. Sources say she requested withdrawal of all disciplinary issues, an apology for malice, and a package so she could leave the city in peace.

She was dismissed after suspension on allegations of financial abuse after they had appeared before a disciplinary panel, after a probe initiated by government unearthed serious financial misappropriation. Along with director for finance Tendai Kwenda, and Human Capital director Cainos Chingombe. Health services director Prosper Chonzi had returned to work after being cleared by the probe team. Josephine Ncube had not appeared before the hearings due to health issues and now sources say she wants out. [12]

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