Josey Mahachi
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Known forPresenter on Cick Africa
Political partyZanu-PF
Spouse(s)Jide Agbeniyi

Josey Mahachi Agbeniyi (also spelt Mahachie) is a Zimbabwean politician, businesswoman, filmmaker and presenter and host of the Click Africa on Mnet Africa Magic. She is most known as the woman who brought Aliko Dangote, a billionaire investor to Zimbabwe in 2015. She was appointed a Non-Executive Board member of Zimbabwe Investment Authority. Mahachi came under Ngoda Business' List of 2017 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 40.

In April 2018, Mahachi announced that she would be contesting in 2018 Harmonised Elections. She was standing for Hatfield Member of Parliament under Zanu-PF.


Josey Mahachi Agbeniyi was born in 1983 a retired Air Force warrant officer (father) and a housekeeping supervisor (mother) at the then Sheraton Hotel. Mahachi was born in a family of many girls and one boy.[1] She got married to Nigerian husband Jide Agbeniyi in 2013 and together they have three children.[2]


Mahachi attended Hatfield Primary School and High School. Soon after her A-levels, she attained an executive secretarial qualification.


Soon after completing her Secretarial School Mahachi went to South Africa. She then created her programme, Click Africa.

“I had always wanted to put Zimbabwe on the map. In 2008 while in South Africa I think I was watching the programme “Good Morning Africa” and I realized that Zimbabwe was missing on the map.

“So I approached the producer and sold him the idea of doing a piece on the Victoria Falls. He was agreeable and I came here to talk to Zimbabwe Tourism Authority CEO Karikoga Kaseke. And we did.

“But I was still not happy with the result. Out of the one hour programme, only 15 minutes was dedicated to Victoria Falls.”[1]

With the assistance of her husband who was already specializing in Graphics, Mahachi decided to start her own talk show. She got an apprenticeship at “Good Morning Africa” for 6 months and later on took up a short course in journalism in Nigeria. On Click Africa, she has interviewed key personalities of Africa including presidents, entrepreneurs, and religious leaders.


Mahachi opened a restaurant in 2014 which is called Gocha Nyama at Joina City. Mahachi and her husband also own a guest house in Nigeria where Zimbabweans stay during their visit to TB Joshua.[2]

Facilitaion in Investor Visits

Using her vast network from across the continent, Mahachi facilitated the travel of Aliko Dangote and Tony Elumelu to Zimbabwe for high-level investor meetings. Aliko Dangote, a rich man in Africa visited Zimbabwe in 2015 at Malachi's invite,

“I host a TV show on Mnet Africa Magic called Click Africa so I met Alhaji at an event; I can’t even remember if it was in Abuja or Lagos but sometime last year,” when I realised he had a target of 15 African countries and he’s on 13 already when we were in Zambia last month, I felt time was running out with the speed Dangote has and I approached him and now here we are,” she said. [2]

Political Career

In April 2018, Mahachi announced that she would be standing for Member of Parliament election under Zanu-PF in 2018 Harmonised Elections. Mahachi was contesting in the Hatfield constituency.

Josey Mahachi Poster For election to Zanu-PF Member of Parliament Hatfield

Appointment as Board Member

In recognition of her stellar efforts, the Government of Zimbabwe appointed her a non-executive board member of Zimbabwe Investment Authority. She was also selected for the Mandela Washington Program ( YALI ) 2017 by the US government. The MWF program will enable her to grow her network of African peers, further


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