Judgement Night is an All Night Prayer session, arguably the largest in Zimbabwe. The session is hosted by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and his United Families International Church. A brainhild of Makandiwa, the prayer session which was launched in 2012 is often accompanied by miracles and prophesies that have come to pass. Apart from the miracles, the event is attended by huge crowds including foreign dignitaries and visitors.

Inaugural Judgement Night

Judgement was launched in April 2011. The event was attended by over 123 000[1] people according to UFIC ministries. The people filled the giant 60,000 seater National Sport Stadium. That was historic considering that it was only the forth time the satdium been full to capacity since 1980. makandiwa subsequently became the first individual to fill the stadium. The stadium was filled to capacity during the 1980

Part of the crowd at Judgement Night 2

Independence celebrations, 2010 when Zimbabwe played soccer against Brazil and the third time was also in 2010 when ZAOGA hosted its 50 years jubilee celebrations.[2]

Judgement Night 2

The second edition of the prayer session was held on the 19th of April 2013. The event even surpassed the first one with over 160 000 people in attendance. The event's attendance was said to be the largest Christian gathering in the history of Zimbabwe. Visitors from more than 20 countries as far as from Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, the DRC, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Australia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Lesotho, Spain, Ukraine, Britain, the United States and Afghanistan. attended the prayer meeting. Top government officials such as Walter Mzembi and Ignatius Chombo.[3]

  • Major Prophesy

At the second edition of the prayer session, Makandiwa prophesied boom for the economy of Zimbabwe.


The nights have become something of a tourist attraction. During the seconfd edition, hotels were overbooked with an estimated US$4 million was to be generated.[4]


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