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Kapfupi having a lighter moment
BornFreddy Manjalima
Harare, Zimbabwe
ResidenceEpworth, Zimbabwe.
  • Musician
  • Actor

Years active1998–present
Parent(s)Joseph Manjalima

Kapfupi (born Freddy Manjalima) is a popular musician-cum-comedian who rose to prominence with his acting prowess producing hilarious series such 'Notorious Kapfupi' and 'What goes around comes around'. In 2010 he became the talk of the town with his song 'Mai Nga' whose video was voted number one on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation TV's top 100.


Kapfupi was born 37 years ago to a Malawian father called Joseph Manjlima who wanted him to follow in his footsteps of becoming a tailor.[1] He married to Precious Kabrito and the couple is blessed with four children, 3 girls and one boy.


The 'Mai Nga' singer attended attended Raymondale Primary School, where his passion for acting started in Grade Four. After finishing his primary, he enrolled at Domboramwari Secondary School in Epworth, where he unfortunately dropped out in Form Two and had to take up menial jobs that included acting and sewing.[2]

Before Fame

Kapfupi's story reads like a novel. He started off as a mere farm boy herding cattle at Mara Farm in Harare's Ruwa suburb. He later left this job to become a gardener at a farm along Mutare Road.[3] Kapfupi, who had a dream of becoming an actor later joined a stream of actors who plied their trade in Harare's First Street. He became one of the men who revolutionised street theatre and started living from the proceeds of it. It was here that he never looked back and gained notoriety as a talented comedian.

The Breakthrough

In 1998 he teamed with Jeffrey Chikwesere, popularly known as Aphiri, to form True Vision Drama Club. This was to open doors of blessings for him as he went further to record a comic-drama series 'Magariro', which made him a household name. The series were screened on local television. When the two seperated, Kapfupi sarted encompassing live music to his acting leading to the formation of the band Orchestra Ndoozvo. That is when he began to record music. From there Kapfupi never looked back.

Music career

The talented artiste started recording in 2005,[4] which saw him record his first album 'Uchakanga Waya'. The video for the song recived heavy rotation n ZTV. The album estabished him as competent sungura artists. He went on to produce two albums which also did well. However it was 'Mai Nga' which triggered him to national stardom. The album carried the popular title track and Juice Card wich were equally good.

London Tour

In 2013, Kapfupi shocked the nation as he made his maiden London journey together with his fellow comedian 'Marabha' (Charles Merisi). He was invited to entertain revelers by Philip Chiyangwa's daughter, Stephanie at the launch of her album 'Situation is Never Destiny'.[5]


Mixing comedy and music had always been Kapfupi's strenght.In 2010, his hit 'Mai Nga' which a fusion of the two won him a National Arts Merit Award in the Song of the Year Category.[6] The song was so good and was accampanied by a sizzling video.

Tough Times

Kapfupi was reported to having fallen on hard times in early 2015 after it emerged that the popular musician and comedian had failed to release his album in 2014 due financial constraints. He however denied allegations that he had fallen on hard times arguing that it was his detractors that were peddling such lies. Instead he claimed that he had voluntarily decided to hold on to his forthcoming album until March. He was quoted in the local media as having said

I know there are my enemies who are bringing such stories to the press but then I just decided to hold it until March.It’s only that I was waiting for producer Bothwel Nyamhondera to come so that I can record the album.[7]


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