King Pharaoh

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King Pharaoh
King Pharaoh Biography
BornPharaoh Kadyandewe Marumbe
Known forBeing a musician

King Pharaoh born Pharaoh Kadyandewe Marumbe is a Zimbabwean Sungura musician and the leader of Marumbe Express Band.


He was born in 1972.[1]


In the early days, King Pharoah established himself as a Sungura musician before turning to gospel music but he failed to make a mark. He then returned to secular music in the process declaring himself “the real king of Sungura”.[1]

Becoming A Traditional Healer

At one point, he was a practising traditional healer, with the full title, “Sekuru Pharoah,” and was a registered member of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association. He also stopped live performances claiming his ancestral spirits did not approve of shows in beerhalls. At the time he was quoted saying:

"First, I had an accident in Chivhu while returning from a show in Beitbridge. Although there were no fatalities, the car was a write-off. Secondly, I wasrobbed of cash on my way back from Mozambique where I had a good show. I could not help but conclude that my ancestral spirits were against me performing."



In 2012, King Pharaoh said he had stopped staging shows because he was spending most of his time at Masowe (religious shrine) and was surviving on buying goods for resale in neighbouring countries.[1][2]

In May 2016, King Pharaoh said he wanted to revive his music career and performed at City Sports Bar at the popular Jam Session on 16 May 2016.[3]


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