Kudakwashe Kambakunje
BornKudakwashe Kambakunje
  • Political Activist
OrganizationNational Vendors Union of Zimbabwe
Known forBeing a political activist

Kudakwashe Kambakunje who is also known as Welly, is a Zimbabwean political activist who was abducted in September 2016. He is a member of the National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe led by Sten Zvorwadza.


He was abducted on the night of 27 September 2016 and was found in the morning the following day, badly injured.The abductors were driving two unmarked twin cab vehicles and three unmarked Toyota Chaser vehicles. During the abduction some traders on site attempted to assist him when he shouted for help, but his abductors reportedly fired shots into the air, deterring them from helping him.

He was blindfolded and driven to an unknown destination in Mazowe, where he was subjected to severe beatings, torture using electrical shocks and injected with an unknown substance. During the torture and interrogation his abductors demanded to know the residential addresses of National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (NAVUZ) Chairperson Stern Zvorwadza and a committee member identified as Kauzani.

When he passed out and the abductors thought he was dead, they left him. On revival Kudakwashe, who had been left stark naked, sought help from homesteads in farms along the Old Mazowe Road. Members of NAVUZ collected him from Mazowe and facilitated his access to medical assistance. Prior to his abduction the vendors’ warehouse where he was supposed to be guarding, was torched by unknown assailants around 12.00 pm on Monday the 26th. Kambakunje was found at a farm along Old Mazowe road about 22km from where he was abducted.[1]


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