Kudzai Terrence Mushonga also known as Ndege Boy is a Zimbabwean businessman and alleged fugitive based in South Africa.


Mushonga picked up the nickname “Ndege Boy” after some media reports had claimed he was the youngest Zimbabwean to ever own an airline. Ndege is Shona for an aeroplane.[1]

Relationship With Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau (back) and Kudzai Terrence Mushonga

Kudzai Terrence Mushonga's girlfriend is Khanyi Mbau. Mbau made the relationship Instagram official on 8 February 2021. The two had been dating casually for two months before they decided to make things official.[2]

Dubai Incident

In August 2021, Mushonga claimed Khanyi Mbau left him high and dry in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Mushonga shared a 24-minute emotional video on Instagram on 30 August 2021.

Concerns over Mbau’s safety were raised after Mushonga shared that she went to a salon and became worried when Mbau was still not home at 2am.

The Zimbabwean returned to Instagram on 31 August 2021 to share that Mbau sent him a text message saying she took a flight back to South Africa without informing him. Mushonga claimed that he moved to Dubai with Mbau to start a business and a new life together. He claims that Mbau did not tell him that she was returning to South Africa.

He also claimed he spent more than R80 000 on Mbau's daughter's boarding and school fees to maintain her safety while they moved abroad.

Mbau remained mum on Mushonga's videos, only sharing a photo by her father’s grave, saying she was home safe.[3]

Drug Dealing

Kudzai Terrence Mushonga was arrested with another suspect, Moses Chomgolicho by Constable Dean Van Zyl who received a tip-off that the two were dealing in drugs at their home in Bryanston, north of Johannesburg.

It was reported that Mushonga had a South African smart ID card which bared the name Dick Lefa Nzula was first arrested in Sandton on 28 August 2019 but his case was struck off the roll for further investigation.

Mushonga found himself trending on social media in August 2021 after being accused of being a fraudster and hijacking cars

A Nigerian national identified as James Aliyu opened a case against him for selling him a Jaguar worth R500 000 ($32 826) and a Merc GLE worth R720 000 ($47 270) which turned out not to be his.

The Merc was later hijacked from him in Bryanston while the Jaguar was stolen outside Mushonga’s apartment in Sandton when he went there to demand his money.[4]

Fraud Charge

Mushonga fled Zimbabwe in 2016 after he and two friends, Tatenda Mandimutsira and Njabulo Ndebele, duped a microfinancier. His whereabouts were unknown until he appeared in Khanyi Mbau's pictures.[1][5]

In 2017 the Zimbabwe Republic Police launched a manhunt for the three fraudsters.[1] Mushonga and his accomplices defrauded a Harare Microfinancier of $166 000 using fake documents to apply for a loan. According to a statement released by ZRP, the incident occurred in Harare on 10 September 2016. Mushonga and his accomplices purported to be employees of Dream Air Company which is non-existent and applied for a loan from the complainant who is a registered Microfinancier.

Mushonga and his friends produced fake documents for the loan application. The microfinancier unsuspectingly approved and deposited a total of $166 000 into their CBZ Bank account. They paid a few instalments so that the complainant could gain trust in them. The fraud came to light after the suspects applied for another loan of $37 500. The microfinacier checked with CBZ on the authenticity of the bank statement and realised that it was concocted and reported the matter to the police.

Mushonga and his two accomplices were arrested and remanded out of custody, but later defaulted trial.[6]


In March 2021, Mushonga denied there was any truth to the allegations that he is a wanted fugitive in Zimbabwe. He has also challenged blogs and newspapers to produce evidence to those allegations saying if they do he will donate R50 000 (US$3359) to charity.

In a statement, Kudzai targeted a specific news blog and said

“People from Zimbabwe never disappoint. How can they call a man that has never been arrested or skipped a trial a fugitive? Can they first prove my arrest? Not from stupid newspaper article that someone decided to write all because I am newsworthy. Yes I got rich young, let them prove facts first. Then they can mention my name and drag my girlfriend in all this.

@iHarare and any other blogs or newspapers writing about me. Please do not publish stories that deform my character or tarnish my reputation. I have watched this happen over the years and said nothing about it. Well here are the facts you need to know before you publish one-sided stories, unverified allegations, fabricated stories, stories made up of social media Kangaroo courts.

Also note if you can even prove this beyond reasonable doubt today I will donate R50 000 (US$3359) to any charitable organization of your choice. I was never or have never been arrested for those allegations. Please inform me which court date I skipped to label me a fugitive. Please show us the amount of bail I paid and to which court to be released 6 years ago. Also note that the Herald article came out 1,5 years after this happened because I got into a fight with someone exercising their power on me. All these allegations happened when I had long left Zimbabwe.

Which court docket shows I defrauded anyone money? You might as well publish it. Just because I was a director at DreamAir and I was driving Ferraris, Rolls Royce at 22 years made me newsworthy to you and till this day you think my empire was built on the alleged $166k? What is $166k to me now?"


2K Business Centres

In May 2021, Mushonga and Khanyi Mbau launched rental office space in Sandton called 2K Business Centres. This was their first joint business venture.[8]


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