Kurarama Trust

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Kurarama Trust is a non-profit organisation founded and operated on biblical principles. Although co-founded, partnered and working under the umbrella of the ministry at Highlands Presbyterian Church Harare, Kurarama Trust stands as an independent entity.

See Drug Abuse in Zimbabwe.

Contact Details

Highlands Presbyterian Church, Enterprise Road, Highlands.
Website: Facebook, [1], Twitter, [2]

Organisation Structure

Kurama Trust is governed by a constitution.
They are accountable to a Board of Trustees.

They are guided in their operations by 7 biblical principles - faith, hope, love, humility, truth, unity and boundaries. These are the cornerstones they use to guard the mission, vision and aims. Their principles ensure that when they interact with individuals, families or communities, they always meet them 'where they are at'.
Their mission is to assist individuals, families and communities affected by and concerned with substance abuse and addiction, by fostering progress, enriching lives and ultimately enhancing the recovery process. They strive to break barriers created by stigma through promoting correct knowledge about substance abuse, addiction and the addict, as well as providing support for sustainable recovery.
They envisage a society where substance abuse and addiction are treated as significant public health issues, that understanding their realities is valuable to all communities, that sustainable recover is achievable and that managing the impact on society is possible.


They drive the cause through 7 key tools:

  • knowledge,
  • pastoral support,
  • cooperation,
  • community,
  • fellowship,
  • mentorship and
  • visibility.


In January 2023, Kurarama posted some abuse facts:

Alcohol and Adults
Common Drugs
Mental Health
Sexual Abuse
Mental Health
Under Age Sexual Abuse
Under Age Sexual Abuse

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