La-Verne Simukai
La-Verne Simukai
BornLa-Verne Guti
OccupationPastor, Author
Known forBeing Ezekiel Guti's daughter
Spouse(s)Steve Simukai
  • Ezekiel Guti (father)
  • Eunor Guti (mother)
RelativesSarah Rusere, Dorcas Jaricha, Fiona Arthurs, Gracious Chikore, Ethanim Nyajeka and Ezekiel Guti Junior

Dr La-Verne Simukai is a Zimbabwean author and pastor. She is the daughter of ZAOGA FIF founder Ezekiel Guti. In July 2021 there were reports that she was behind a faction that took Ezekiel Guti hostage so that he could name a successor in the event of his death.


La-Verne Simukai was born La-Verne Guti. She is the daughter of Eunor and Ezekiel Guti.


La-Verne Simukai has six siblings. Her siblings are:


Steve Simukai who in 2014 was Deputy Secretary General of ZAOGA FIF.[2]


La-Verne and her husband Steve have five children.[2]


She is a graduate of Africa Multination For Christ College. She holds a D.Min and a PhD from Friends International Christian University.

Ezekiel Guti Succession

According to a report on 18 July 2021, La-Verne Simukai and her siblings Gracious Chikore and Dorcas Jaricha were playing crucial roles in purging senior ZAOGA FIF members such as Washington Rupapa.

A source was quoted as having said:

"Rupapa was Guti’s right hand man and they had to boot him out so that they isolate the founder. The temperatures are simmering and if this is not properly handled the church is heading for a split. People like Gracious Chikore, Dorcas Jaricha and La-Verne Simukai are playing crucial roles in purgings that are taking place in the church. Baba Guti had said Joseph Guti was to remain at the headquarters, in a move many saw as anointing of a successor but he is being slowly pushed out."

A source who spoke to the publication that broke the story said La-Verne Simukai and her siblings were holding their father hostage at his Chitungwiza home on the pretext that “the man of God was instructed to go and work from Chitungwiza.”

The source said:

"That is the official reason being pushed out there but we know Guti has been held hostage by a faction which has coalesced around his wife. He is under involuntary house arrest. He is being managed to his death. ‘Chinhu chatorwa ne G40 yemuchurch’ (power has been grabbed by the church’s younger generation)."



  • The Journey of a Preacher's Kid: We Wanna Be Like Them (2014)[4]


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