Lameck Makwiramiti
BornLameck Makwiramiti
ChildrenAngelica Makwiramiti

Lameck Chimoka Makwiramiti is a Zimbabwean who became a social media sensation after a video of him threatening the Tumba family as well as his no holds barred truth at the graveside of Mrs Tumba went viral on social media platforms.


He lives in Mabvuku and has a daughter Angelica Makwiramiti.[1]In his area, Lameck is also known as Wrongturn or Garwe.

Confronting Tumba family at funeral

Lameck confronted the Tumba family at Olivia Tumba's funeral, for ill-treating his daughter Angelica when their son, Tafadzwa impregnated her back in 2013. He threatened to kill members of the Tumba family ‘one by one’ if they did not comply with his demands within 48 hours.[1]

Lameck Makwiramiti Speech at the graveside

Speaking to a publication, Regis Tumba narrated the issue Lameck has with his family. Said Tumba:

The whole issue dates back to 2013 when my son impregnated Makwiramiti’s daughter. The problem was that it was wrongly timed because they sent their daughter in November and our tradition forbids marriage ceremonies to be held that month. That is the reason why we sent her back the first time they came and when they came back, I was not around I had travelled with work. All I know is, it was not about the pregnancy, we all understood that this is something that can happen in life, but it was about the kind of person coming into our family. The girl had been involved with my son’s friend for a long time which we all knew and now she was claiming to be carrying his child. My late wife Olivia informed me that she only told them both to find somewhere to stay since they now considered themselves adults. The way Makwiramiti behaved took us by surprise because we least expected it since we seemed to be on good terms all along.


Appearance on Ruvheneko's Show

He appeared on Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa's Facebook Live broadcasted show on Thursday 4 May 2017.


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