Invented byMDC party
Launch year2004

RESTART was a programme launched by the MDC party on 29 January 2004. RESTART stands for Reconstruction Stabilisation Recovery and Transformation.


RESTART was a five-year programme situated within the context of the MDC’s overall policies. These policies have were developed from the National Working People’s Convention in 1999, and at subsequent MDC congresses. It replaced the MDC’s earlier economic blueprints such as Bridge which formed a key element of the 2002 presidential election campaign.[1] RESTART was thus a product both of changing external conditions and of internal political dialogue on meeting economic, social and political goals in a balanced manner.[1]

Main Pillars

  • Participatory democracy, based on constitutionalism and the rule of law.
  • A strong economy, based on sound market principles.
  • A progressive, growth-oriented, redistributive state.[1]

Among other key issues, RESTART also included the need to improve basic social amenities, provision of jobs, democratisation of the political landscape and freedom in all fronts. The document also spelt the need to resolve the land question, the need to conclude the so-called Third Chimurenga revolution which was started by the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front.


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